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Rita Shrestha represents the owning company of the Hyatt Regency Kathmandu, Taragaon Regency Hotels, and is an avid supporter of social causes. She is also a proud homemaker who enjoys spending quality time with family and friends. The soon to be grand mom shares with us what makes her life beautiful.

What are you currently busy with
Besides running my household on a day-to-day basis, I am preparing for the birth of my first grandchild which I am extremely excited about.
What makes a person beautiful
Kindness, compassion and empathy make a person beautiful
What makes you beautiful
My heart
What makes life beautiful
A happy and healthy family

What tickles your funny bones
Silly jokes by my children
What makes you smile
Seeing my family happy
Favourite comedian
Steve Harvey. His wit and facial expressions make me laugh
Therapy for happines
Spending time with family and watching a good movie together
Current perfume
5th Avenue by Elizabeth Arden
You are addicted to
Organising. My family says I am organising all the time but I can’t stop.
On your wish list
My heart is full and content right now
You stay fit by
I do low intensity training, yoga and breathing exercises religiously every morning. I also try and keep a healthy and balanced diet.
Best year of your life
The year my first child Shaun was born
Latest splurge
Not sure if it’s a splurge, but I recently bought some nice art for my house
Love Kiehl’s products for toning and moisturising
Style Icon
The late Princess Diana. Her sense of style was timeless
Always in your handbag
My phone, wallet, sanitiser, keys, sunscreen and sunglasses
What do you do to unwind
Watch a movie
Favourite holiday destination
America, since I have a lot of family there and a lot of fond memories
You always struggle with
Headaches, literally.
Best thing about being you
I try to live in the moment as much as possible
Make up… can’t do without
Moisturiser, eye-liner, lipstick
Favourite makeup brands
Bobbi Brown, YSL.
Three things you absolutely do to look your best
Carry myself with confidence, humility and a bit of make-up
On a bad hair day
I tie it up in a bun
One tip you learnt that makes you photo ready
What do you like doing in your spare time
Watch movies, listen to music and of course, organise
Guilty pleasure
Delicious home cooked Newari food

Favourite place to eat in Kathmandu
Sesame at the Hyatt Regency
One thing you can’t do without
My family
What advice would you give to your younger self
To not worry so much and things always work out in the end
Celebrity crush
Rishi Kapoor when he was younger, George Clooney and Bradley Cooper.
A quote you live by
“Give, even if you only have a little” – Buddha
Have you ever been told to change something about yourself
My children ask me to worry less
Movies that inspire you
The Pursuit of Happiness, Taare Zameen Par
Favourite cuisine
Lockdown lesson
Nothing is permanent in life

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