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Miss Nepal 2016, model, interior designer, the face of many brands and now host of the highly trending WOW Saturday Brunch presented by Khukri Rum YouTube Talk Show, Asmi Shrestha is making a mark in all the right places with her fluid nature and focused moves.

Haters may call you straitjacketed, but the truth is you are a rebel at heart…” I read and pause as Asmi Shrestha’s eyes widen and she nods in agreement, flashing me a wide smile. I continue to read the zodiac: “You are someone who thrives on challenging the norms in your own unique style, and this is precisely the superpower you are being called to tap into right now. You didn’t come here to live a life of ‘what-ifs’, Cancer.” Asmi laughs. “It feels so accurate,” she says. “A rebel at heart; that’s me.”

I am in the model cum interior designer’s favourite hang out, Pasa Deli by Roadhouse, where we start our conversation by reading the daily horoscope. It’s midday and the 30-year-old – in her gym attire – oozes health and vitality while looking amazing without any makeup on.

We reflect on the past year where WOW has been a part of her monthly schedule with the digital show Khukri presents WOW Saturday Brunch. “It’s been a year of gratitude. So much has happened since the show started. In many ways, that has been my turning point,” she says.

The past year has also seen our host become the face of many brand endorsements and her business, Interiors by Asmi, has been doing tremendously well. Some of the interior projects under her banner are for well-known names such as Siwangi Pradhan, Kasa and Nimsdai. Asmi’s minimalistic approach to interior design is reflective of her easy going and positive attitude towards life.

In the amidst all of this multi-hyphenation, she’s also been training intensely at the gym. “It just feels so rewarding,” she smiles.

Asmi is not someone who takes any of this for granted, nor does she allow the success to go to her head. “The one life lesson I learnt during Covid is that I have to come out of my comfort zone and just go with the flow and I am grateful for every feather in my hat,” she states.

I then ask Asmi if amidst this thriving career here, she eventually plans to move to New York with her fiancé, Shashank Lal Shrestha. “I might shift to New York if its ever needed.”

She elaborates, “Early on in my modelling career, I had an offer to move overseas and all of the fashion gurus in Kathmandu said, ‘You shouldn’t be here, you should be in Paris, New York or Milan,’ and I always said those places are not my home”.
Asmi’s career graph shows her winning the 2016 Miss Nepal title which catapulted her into the spotlight at 23. However, her win became her entry point into an industry steeped in built-in bias. She was praised and criticised in equal measure. Brushing off past hurdles, she says, “Back then, I had so many things to deal with, not just professionally but also personally. I was preparing myself for international representation, dealing with the limelight and criticism. There was a time when I wanted to stay away from pageantry. But today when I look back at that journey, I think, ‘Not bad, girl! You did this and you did it on your own.’ But at that moment, there was no time to reflect.”

Talking about modeling, Asmi says that people often don’t see the hardwork behind this career, “It’s grueling and most people don’t realise it. It is also a field which teaches you immense life lessons.”

In 2019, Asmi realised that modeling alone would not suffice and she must carve out an alternate career. “I was always inspired by interior designing and wanted to give it a try. I did a diploma course from Dubai online and started my career right after,” she shares. When I ask whether she attributes her label “Interiors by Asmi” success to her no-nonsense beginnings, she emphatically replies, “Oh, 100 percent. Nobody can question my work ethic and I am fiercely proud and protective of what I have built because it’s all my own.”

“Are you a workaholic?” I ask. “Yes,” she replies self-assuredly. “I have found that balance where I am a proud workaholic but not the type where I feel burnt out, exhausted or on the verge of having a breakdown,” she shares.

Asmi is also someone who went public about her past relationship. How does she manage to espouse her values as a public figure while safeguarding her boundaries and protecting herself? “I just don’t know any other way of being,” she replies. “When I feel really strongly or passionately about something, I don’t think twice about expressing myself. I have grown to become this person where I am not afraid of speaking my truth or owning up to mistakes. I am not afraid of saying sorry and I am okay to be the only person in the room who has a different point of view,” she says.

And, what does she do for fun? I question. “I love being at home, and decluttering. I have come to learn that this is also me decluttering my mind. I also love going on long drives alone, listening to my playlist and just being by myself,” she tells.
Does she enjoy the fame? “I would rather call it social media fame and what I like about it is the fact that you are able to bring about change, you are able to touch and influence people’s lives. For me, that is the exciting part,” she concludes.

Cover Girl: Asmi Shrestha @asmishresthaa
Interview: Ankita Jain @jain.anki
Assisted by: Vartika Upadhyay @vartika_07
Photographer: Suzan Shrestha @suzan_shots
Creative Direction & Stylist: Milan Lama @meiilanvisualarts
Wardrobe: Manish Rai @manis_rai
Jewellery: Zuleika by Gahana Griha @zuleika_by_gahanagriha
HMUA: Nilima Basnet @nilima_makeup

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