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by Dolly Singh

Q. I am in my mid 30s with dry skin. I am a working woman and I currently use regularly available products for my skin. My daily skin care routine is also not that great. However, I don’t like layering products but I also want fabulous skin. Any solution?
-Tara Rai

A. As much as turning 30 is great, we have to admit that we’ve all felt a little panicked over the ageing process at one point or another. During your 30s, your hormone levels start to decrease and the rate of collagen and elastin production lowers. Cell turn-over becomes slower during your thirties and skin doesn’t bounce back as it once did.

As we always believe in less is more adding more products is not the only solution to have a great skin. These are few tips I would like to advise you.

• Vitamin C is a very powerful antioxidant that works against skin-damaging free radicals such as pollution and UV.

• Exfoliating your skin regularly can help boost cell turnover as well as aid the natural process of shedding billions of dead skin cells.

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