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by Dolly Singh

Q. I am in my mid 30s with combination skin type. I am a frequent flyer and this has created an impact on my skin. How to take care of my skin before, during and after flights?

A. First cleanse your skin to remove makeup and dirt before moisturizing it properly before the flight. Use makeup very sparingly. If you are on a long-haul flight, carry a hydrating booster to counteract tightness and restore the skin’s moisture balance. Using a hydrating mask on the plane will combat dehydration and replenish skin with vital moisture, so that you arrive at your destination with radiant, hydrated skin. You can also find light moisturizing sprays that are especially created for specific skin types for travel that work really well. Also stay hydrated through the flight frequently drinking warm water or lemon water. Make sure you get up on walk a bit every now and then if you can to keep the blood circulating well.
After you get off the flight, thoroughly wash your face with a soap-free hydrating cleanser to remove any dirt or oil from the airplane. Then apply a moisturiser to help hydrate and repair any damage to the skin barrier. A light massage and use of cold towel compresses will ease any puffiness. Use SPF.

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