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by Dolly Singh

Q. I am in my early 40s with combination skin type. I often struggle with nighttime skin routines. Could you share what is the best night skin routine for my age?

A. As imperative as a night cream is, if you really want youthful looking skin, a moisturiser is simply not enough. Try this step-by-step nighttime routine for the best results:

Remove your makeup: Always start by cleansing your skin and removing any grit that has collected on your face after a long day.

Exfoliate: Exfoliators also help remove buildup from oily and dead skin. However, be careful when choosing the right consistency.

Cleanse: Using a cream-based cleanser after an exfoliator can be extremely satisfying.

Serum: Dark spots and skin discolorations that come with age can be treated with a good serum. Kojic acid is a great discoloration defense for those really stubborn discolorations.

Moisturise: You should apply a restorative night cream before going to bed for the night. Even if you skip toner and serums, you should always take the time to moisturise mature skin. A good moisturiser not only gives your skin the hydration it so desperately needs, but it also helps trap in all of the products underneath it which makes the ingredients even more effective.

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