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Aarif Rauf made it to the top four finalists of the reality show ‘The Voice of Nepal’ and has gained immense popularity and recognition since. He started learning music at a very early age and has participated in a few music competitions prior too. For Aarif, music is an expression of feelings. As an aspiring singer and songwriter, Aarif has received plenty of offers for playback singing in Nepali movies after his tie-up with Radio Nagarik.

Besides his music career, he also works as part-time lecturer at KFA Business School and is the proprietor of a railing construction business with his father.

In a short interview with WOW, Aarif Rauf opens up about his experience in Voice of Nepal, the story behind ‘Yo Dil’ and the artists he would love to collaborate with.

What got you into music?

Music took off as my passion and the journey is evolving through the positive response I receive from my audience.

How would you describe your experience in ‘Voice of Nepal’?

Voice of Nepal was a turning point in my career. It served as a platform to reach the masses and carve my niche. Also, not-to-miss the immense popularity one gets from a reality show.

How will it help shape your career?

Raised expectations have motivated me to create more music, made me want to stay with the current fame and keep it constant.

Your song ‘Yo Dil’ has been appreciated by many; what is the story behind this song?

‘Yo Dil’ is a story of love. Though I wrote it after my first break up, it is about the time I spent with my partner while we were deeply in love.

How do you view the Nepali music industry?

Today musicians are getting more creative and the industry is growing as a competitive market. If you have the skills and are getting recognized, opportunities to be part of a global platform isn’t that far. 

Has your taste in music evolved?

The takeaway from every musician I meet is their taste of new music. Their creativity attracts me. Also I am on an experimental phase. Currently I am hooked to pop, melody and soft rock music genres.

What is your creative process like?

A moment is enough to get creative and create something but that particular moment comes randomly and cannot be predicted.

What’s next?

More music, compositions, songs, acts, dance; basically anything required from a singer and performer to produce a perfect music video. 

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