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Miss Nepal World 2022, Priyanka Rani Joshi, is the new face of Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5. In a conversation with WOW, Priyanka talks about the newly launched phone’s features that excite her, how Gen Z connects with the brand, and more. Excerpts:

How do you relate to Samsung as a brand?

I am elated about Samsung. I relate to it as a brand. It’s rugged and sophisticated, and that is who I am as a person too. It also acts as a style statement as we can pair it with any clothes and take it to any place from hiking to fancy dinners.

Does the brand’s values and philosophies align with yours?

My philosophy that aligns with the brand is promoting the high value of security. It’s a very crucial feature as today’s generation has everything on our cell phones.

As its brand ambassador and a Gen Z, what Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 features excite you?

As a brand ambassador, using the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 has brought about an immense amount of fun and change in my life. This phone is the most fun phone I have ever used. The most exciting feature has to be the cover-screen selfie. Selfie is the way to describe Gen-Z as it’s funky and cool. The settings capture every moment effortlessly.

How do you plan to increase brand visibility among the target audience for Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5?

Getting on board with Samsung is an immense opportunity. The main selling point for me of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 has to be its most advanced camera features. Gen Z is always putting up content by sharing our stories, opinions and viewpoints on social media. Through my Galaxy Z Flip 5, I will be sharing my content, what’s different is that it will be through the lens of my Flip 5 which offers easy settings.

With phones or any gadget, there is a challenge in creating value beyond just the product. With phones, it is about high-tech security. With my Galaxy Z Flip 5, I am at ease.

I think my audiences will love what I have to say and share and with my phone, people will love the quality of images and all the extra features I will be using to put out content.

What do you use your phone for mostly?

As Miss Nepal, we are expected to be updated, and this expectation brings in the use of cameras to capture memories, communication, connection, online banking, e-transportation, and scrolling through the internet. The best feature of having a smartphone is that you switch between different uses with ease.

What’s the one feature you absolutely love?

The Flex Mode is my favourite feature of the Samsung phone. In this mode, you can capture photos or videos with the pro-grade camera without needing to hold the handset; even if you are on a moving object, on a horse, or bouncing.

How much time on average do you spend on your phone?

It depends on my schedule as sometimes I live on my phone for around seven-eight hours. There are also days when I am cutting down on my screen time or travelling or on a project so at that time, I use it for three-four hours.

What are some changes you see in how young people buy and use their mobile phones?

Mobile phones have grown with us. For a generation like ours, we have seen people go from Nokia to smartphones. The difference is that now we have a separate relationship with the phone. Previously it was all about communication, texting and reaching out to people. Today, the phone has become a friend. You can just sit alone with your phone and perform multiple tasks. It’s in the palm of your hand. A new advancement in technology is released every year.

The ongoing Samsung campaign is #jointheflipside; what is your flip side?

I used to be a sports captain when I was in school. I was active. My flip side has to be my sporty side.

A fun fact about you?

I am a gym freak. If time permits, I don’t mind hitting the gym twice a day.


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