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by wowmagazine

Among all the to do lists and reminders on your calendar, it’s time to schedule another important one: SEX!

Most people have a tendency to allow their personal relationships to take a backseat, to the point of going through what we call ‘dry spells’ of no sex. It’s common to overlook that relationships need work, and like anything else, calls for preparation, time and effort, especially when it comes to sex.

With almost everything in life requiring planning, how could intimacy be any different? Time then to sit down and schedule it.

The less time we have for romance, the more our lives get entangled in logistics, money, kids, jobs, etc. Over time, you lose the sexual connection and pleasure in each other. It does not imply that your relationship is flawed, but going for prolonged periods without physical intimacy is a signal that you need to build that connect all over again. When there is a notable drop in sex, figure out ways to restore the spark.

There are several reasons why sexual activity can dwindle in a relationship. From other obligations taking your attention, time and energy, you also tend to take you partner for granted. You may also have fallen into a pattern of finding fault in each other. You may have stopped paying attention to how you look and smell. Your relationship could be strained due to hormonal imbalance, or stress over financial matters.

Making intimate contact requires a sensory effort.  Physical connection sees an increase in spontaneous sex. A lingering kiss, an intimate touch, a sexy text in the middle of the day, short getaways alone together are just some ways to make each other feel special and build intimate physical contact.

Sex is also not just penetration; it begins in the mind and it should mean pleasure for both partners.

If things are not what they once were, talk about it with your partner and start by scheduling time to build intimacy and have sex. To have enjoyable planned sex, partners must be clear about their needs and desires. Communication is key. Being able to talk about your fantasies and desires allows for more fun and spice in the intimacy department.

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