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Samir Shrestha is a 20-year-old singer and songwriter from Kathmandu. He is also one of the most loved among the new artists. He released his first song ‘Chaar Deewar’ two years ago, and his recent release, which is also his second creation “Thaamana Haath” has crossed 10 million views on YouTube alone in just three months. Samir is also currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. To know more about his musical journey, Anushka Shrestha from WOW catches up with the young talent.

How did you develop an interest in music?

One of my friends was a really good guitar player so I also developed an interest. I then went to people in my neighbourhood who used to play the guitar and told them that I wanted to learn. And that’s how I actually learnt to play the guitar. Eventually, I also started singing.

How does it feel to achieve so much fame and success at such a young age?

All this is happening with me for the first time so it feels different and overwhelming. I am very happy!

‘Thamana Haath’ has crossed 10 million views on YouTube…

I never thought it would ever reach 10 million views. The views are still increasing and I feel very happy about it. 10 million views in three months is very big for me.

What is the best part about being in the Nepali music industry?

I think I am yet to explore that but for now, I would say getting to meet and interact with new people. But most importantly I am finding myself.

What are you currently working on?

I am busy with my next release “Andhakaar ko Ujyalo”. We are planning to release a music video as well. Besides, I am writing some new songs and planning for an EP which is basically like a short music album.

Would love to collaborate with:
Sushant KC
Go to song:
‘Maya ta maya ho’ by Narayan Gopal
Besides music:
I watch anime

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