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Netflix to release a Nepali documentary film

by wowmagazine

A matter of national pride for all Nepalis, as “14 peaks: Nothing is impossible” a Netflix documentary film is making history. For the very first time Netflix is featuring a Nepali protagonist Nimral Purja ,popularly known as, ‘ Nimsdai’.

On 29th of November, Netflix is releasing the documentary based on his thrilling mission of scaling the world’s 14 peaks above 8000 meter in just 7 months. Written, directed and produced by Torquil Jones the film explores Nepal’s connection to mountains through the lense of Nimsdai.

An action packed film, the story is about a former British Gurkha Army who sets on a voyage of adventure with a team of Sherpa climbers, facing life or death decisions, extreme weather and emotional weight of his mother’s illness back home.

Mark the date on your calendars to witness the glorious adventure of being free and fearless.

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