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Nepathya concert in Calgary, Canada, concluded successfully

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Kathmandu: The first Nepathya concert in Calgary, Canada, was held at the Calgary Palace Theater . It was a grand event featuring Nepathya, and was attended by an appreciative audience from various cities in the Alberta state of Canada.

In 2022, during the “Jeevanta Sahar” (Global Livability) event, Calgary became the first city in North America to host Nepathya. Nepali songs, Nepali singers, and Nepali presenters were showcased on local television networks like Sibisi, allowing the Nepali community in Alberta, including Edmonton, Lethbridge, Medicine Hat, Okotoks, Canmore, and Great Northern Village, to experience Nepathya.

Before the Sunday evening show started, fans eagerly waited in anticipation. These fans not only came from Calgary but also traveled from various cities and towns in Alberta, highlighting the active role played by the Nepali community in this region. Dhruv Rai, a prominent figure in the local Nepali society, welcomed the audience on the stage according to the scheduled time.

Nepathya’s first performance in Calgary kicked off with the music video “Sa Karnali” projected on the big screen. The Nepathya team was greeted with enthusiasm by the audience, and they began the evening with their iconic song, “Koshi Ko Paani Yo Jindagani.” This song had been collected by singer Amrit Gurung a decade ago during his trekking expedition in Sankhuwasabha, Eastern Nepal. Following this, Nepathya continued to captivate the audience with their popular songs such as “Bhedako Oonjasto,” “Chhekchhe,” “Aanganai Bhar,” and “Khann Ma Ta Lamapate Surati.”

The concert also featured the presence of the renowned singer Meena Niraula, who became popular in Nepal with songs like “Thamel Bazaar” and “Kale Dai” in a short span of time before relocating to Canada. Meena shared her thoughts, saying, “It feels like I’ve come home during festivals like Teej and Dashain. I used to sing at local events in Nepal, but now I’m singing on a big stage in front of a diverse audience.”

Amrit Gurung continued to entertain the audience with songs like “Chari Maya,” “Jomsome Bazaar,” “Shirphool,” and “Nainatal” from their repertoire. He also emphasized the importance of hard work and earning abroad, reminding the audience of their duty towards Nepal.

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