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At 25, Megha Shrestha is a popular figure in the music scene often caught between signing autographs and talking to fans. “That’s what Nepal Idol does to you,” she says candidly. Megha is a singer and songwriter who loves classic and rock music. She is also incredibly enthusiastic about makeup and fashion.

Megha has a Bachelors degree in Business Studies from St. Xaviers’s College, and is propelling herself to become an established music persona.

What got you into music?

I grew up listening to my mother humming and singing Tara Devi and Aruna Lama’s songs. Being around her, I picked up those tunes, learned the words, rhythm, and harmony of their songs. Gradually, I began listening to contemporary music on the radio and TV, and that’s how I first got into music.

What do you like to write about in your songs?

I view songwriting as a challenge and it is something that I have been working on. I love to translate real life stories into songs.

Which artiste inspires you the most?

I grew up watching singers on Disney and that’s what inspired me to want to perform in front of a crowd. I gradually began listening to classics like Gloria Gaynor, Celine Dion and Whitney Houston as I grew older. These female icons had a great impact on me. I consider Narayan Gopal, Tara Devi and Aruna Lama as a part of my musical heritage. Especially Narayan Gopal’s song lyrics just move me.

Who would be your dream artiste to collaborate with?

When I sing, I really feel and get lost in the song. Jessie J is an artiste whose songs give me goose bumps. She is inspiring and my dream collaboration would be with her. And I think I could match her energy!

If you could change one thing about the music industry, what would it be?

I don’t think I have fully entered and experienced the music industry, but with what I’ve experienced so far going on Nepal Idol, I have been compared to other upcoming artistes solely based on the fact that we have done covers of the same songs. The audience compared us instead of highlighting our individuality and uniqueness. I think this kind of comparison makes it hard for new artistes to make a brand of themselves. On top of that I would also expect the industry to give more platforms to new artistes, connect them to sponsors, and the audience to support new artistes by streaming their work.

How did you enter Nepal Idol?

I actually saw an advertisement on TV. Since I am passionate about music, I thought it would be great to try and explore the opportunity that Nepal Idol presents.

What was your experience in Nepal Idol like?

Being a contestant in Nepal Idol was a great experience. I met people from all over the country, from all sorts of backgrounds. We exchanged knowledge about music and practiced together. For the first time in my life, I was living away from my family, and was learning to adapt living with new people. I took my first ever vocal classes. I learned about performing live, commanding the stage, and honestly I feel that I have grown a lot since my audition.

How has the internet impacted the music business?

I think the internet has changed how we learn music and singing. Before we used to have to pay for music and vocal classes. But now all this huge wealth of information is stored online, and it is all available for free. There are all these courses online that anyone can access very easily. And we are now learning internationally as well, expanding into more genres, more languages, and more styles of music.

Which genre do you prefer?

I love classics and rock. I love grooving and singing to classic rock anthems like “Love of my Life”, “Break Free” by Queen, “I Have Nothing” by Whitney Houston, and honestly any song by 1974 AD.


I have a few goals. I am working on writing more songs, and I want to come out with new singles in the near future. Down the road I see myself running a music production company. I want to contribute towards building a big stadium for musical performances and symphonies. I understand it is a hefty plan, but I really think Nepal needs a stadium where we can host great concerts, and even invite international artistes to make Nepal a stopover in their world tours.

Music is…
a part of me.
If not a musician…
I’d be a fashion designer. I am a child of the arts!
Favourite instrument…
Favourite venue to perform…
Any stage with an enthusiastic audience
On top of your wish list…
World tour

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