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In an industry where fame and failure rewrite destinies in a matter of minutes, Sajja Chaulagain has been calling the tune since she started working as a stage singer five years ago. The first female winner of the Nepal Idol, Sajja impressed all the judges right from her audition for Nepal Idol season three. Born in Morang, she is a vocalist with ‘The Loading Band’ and has performed at many restaurants in the capital. Everything about this 23 year old singer speaks of her talent, determination and humility.

Sajja Chaulagain talks to WOW’s Anushka Shrestha about the joy of singing and the challenge of seeking success on her own terms.

How does it feel to become the first female winner of Nepal Idol?

I feel very proud and responsible at the same time. I feel like I am giving happiness to my well wishers. I have created history and I feel like many female singers will be inspired by this victory.

From performing in restaurants to the platform of Nepal Idol, how did it happen?

I have always been very committed and dedicated towards music. I am still in a learning phase and with each mistake I make, I learn something new. To learn and know more about music, I tried the Nepal Idol.

How supportive is your family about your choice to sing and support them right after SLC?

Once I started music I did not want to give it up. More than my parents, it has been my own interest but I wouldn’t have reached here without their support. I am grateful that I am able to make my parents proud.
Tell us something about ‘The Loading Band’.

It has been more than five years since we formed ‘The Loading Band’. We are a team of four members. We met each other during practice through common friends. We have mostly been performing in Thamel, Kamal Pokhari and Durbar Marg areas where people often appreciate us. This has been one of the most motivating factors to keep doing what we are doing.

Which music genre do you prefer? 

I don’t mind performing and trying any genre, but since my well-wishers know me as a Rock Diva, I mostly prefer rock or pop as it suits my voice. Besides I am a huge fan of semi classical music.

How was it to perform during the pandemic?

It was a little sad for all of us because the amount of hype and craze was comparatively low. We followed all the safety measures on set. Overall, taking the risk and performing during this pandemic was really worth it.

Any message to your well wishers…

I am very thankful to my well wishers. I would be nowhere without them. Keep loving and supporting me. This will always motivate me to do good in the coming days. Whatever, you have given me I will return it back to you through my songs. Lastly, I want to thank Nepal Idol for giving me this platform from where I am able to win people’s hearts.

What are some things you learnt from your participation in Nepal Idol?

The first thing I learnt from Nepal Idol is patience. Everything happens for good. We should never give up and keep trying. The other thing I got to learn was confidence and grooming. I also learnt how to stay in contact with my audience and media.

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