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Subheksha Rai Koirala was inclined towards music even before she started speaking, and she started singing at just four. She also did her first recording at the age of seven. She learnt music from her father, and was influenced by Church music being a Christian. From singing with the family during worship and at church to being part of the school choir, she has always loved performing. Music for her is a sacred instrument of worship.

What got you into music?

My father is a musician. I starting humming and singing even before I spoke proper words. Growing up, I was in church and school choirs, and through worship music I realised that this is what I want to do for the rest of my life.

Since when have you been practicing music?

We have family worship every night where we sing hymns, and my dad loves jamming so I don’t actually have specific practice hours but I rather sort of practice when I sing during our family worship and jam sessions.

Your younger brother Sandesh is also a musician. Do you enjoy performing together?

I am very proud of how far he’s come. We both aren’t formally trained but the passion for music runs in the blood, so he and I have a musical chemistry that is quite hard to find and match. Majority of the times, we perform songs we haven’t practiced together but since we know each other’s rhythm and style, we do quite well together musically.

What genre of music do you like performing?

I like all kinds of music. I do Pop, Rock, Jazz, Adhunik, Bollywood, Eastern and Western Classical. But these days I am very much into Jazz and Eastern Classical Fusion.

You were a part of the Women In Concert. What was the experience like?

It was a surreal experience. Everything about the show was about women empowerment. The founder, Abhaya Subba is a true legend, and all the artists involved are powerful, influential women and I am honoured and glad to be a part of the team.

What is your take on female musicians in Nepal?

There are super talented female musicians in Nepal, but like in every sector there are certain socially created values that discourages women. There is no age or any other boundary for men but when it comes to women, we are told that we have certain age limit to shine in the music industry. But in recent years that has changed. I can see really powerful and passionate musicians leading the way to the top and that is encouraging and good news for women in music. 

What is the one thing you’d want the Nepali music industry to improve?

There still lies this concept and pressure that an artist needs to make music as per the taste and demand of the public which I think should not be the case for true artists. In recent years, the Nepali crowd has been exploring new genres of music which is a great change. I hope that every music lover will be able to accept and embrace the individuality of every musician.

What keeps your busy these days?

I am taking a lot of time for myself. I am writing songs that come from my heart; hopefully I will be able to give more songs.

Favourite genre
Contemporary Jazz
You’d love to collaborate with…
Jacob Collier and Rohit Shakya
Your ‘go to’ song
Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen and Lau Suna Sathi by Dibya Khaling
If not a musician…
Either a business woman or a diplomat

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