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Surakshya Malla started singing at just 12 years of age. She has participated in a music reality show and is recognized for her live performances and concerts. Surakshya also works as a digital marketer and dreams of starting her own business. In conversation with WOW, the young artist talks about her journey as a musician.

How did you get into music?

My brother started to learn the guitar and I used to sing along. My brother figured that I had a nice voice and we started recording for YouTube.

What are you currently working on?

I am currently working as a Digital Marketer. I am also working on my next song release.

Why did you choose ‘Khula Aakash’ to perform during the audition of Voice of Nepal?

I have always been a huge admirer of Astha Tamang Maskey. My auditioning for The Voice was a spontaneous decision. After my digital audition, they called me for the main audition and I wasn’t prepared so the voice team suggested I sing a song that I have already been singing and hence “Khula Aakash”.

Are you planning to take up music professionally?

I am not sure about it but I am sure that I won’t make music the main source of money, it will remain my passion forever. Music is a safe place for me, something that makes me feel better and keeps me going in life.
No one can deny the fact that it is really hard in Nepal to sustain for long with just music. Maybe for a certain period of time, it will keep the pocket full but as far as I know artists are involved in other things too for an income. Sad but true. in Nepal being financially stable with just music is very hard.

There is a wave of newcomers in the music industry, how do you view this trend?

The attention span of people is very low and no one actually listens to the whole song. Only if they hear a catchy snip on TikTok or reels will they search for the song. I see newcomers being very active and consistent in giving good content online. Being visible online is a new trend for artists before releasing a song.

Are your songs influenced from your life?

Most of it is and for others, I create scenarios in my head or get inspired by other people’s stories or specific events.

How do you cope with a bad performance?

I try not to mess up my performance so I practice a lot pre-hand. Yet sometimes I mess up a little and I try to do better the next time. Every show teaches me something new and that’s the beauty of performing live.   

Besides music
Besides music I want to be a marketing expert and I am also thinking of starting up my own venture.
Favourite venue to perform
I love to perform in a mid-sized venue with an audience who actually are there to enjoy the music.
You always struggle with
Being consistent. Maybe because I put my hand into a lot of things.
Always in your handbag
I don’t ever leave my house without three things: my wallet, phone and a lipstick.

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