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From securing the first runner up position in the first Nepali Tara to becoming a singing sensation, Dharmendra Sewan is today considered to be one of the most loved artistes in the country. Along the way, he has received several awards and gained a huge fan following. Dharmendra Sewan has been in the industry for almost two decades now and comes from a family that has a musical background. His recent hit ‘Maya Marera’ has crossed six million views on YouTube.

WOW’s Anushka Shrestha talks to the very talented artiste to learn more about his musical journey. Excerpts:

You were the first runner up in the first Nepali Tara in 2005. Tell us about it.

The very first Nepali Tara was a new hope and something exciting for all those who wanted to gain recognition as singers in the Nepali music industry, and I was one of them. I had always dreamt about becoming a singer and I just grabbed that opportunity. I always feel blessed that I was a finalist in one of the most appreciated singing competitions of the country. It was an experience that went beyond my expectations. It feels really nice that people still talk about the very first Nepali Tara.

You’ve been a part of the industry for almost two decades now. What changes have you seen?

In the past two decades I have been seeing a lot of good changes in the industry such as good musicians, singers getting so many great opportunities here and abroad. They are also getting well paid. They have a lot of work on their hands. They do gigs, produce music, and publish their music in their own way on different digital platforms. They are making money out of it which is so great especially for newcomers who must survive solely by doing music. The horizon of Nepali music has become so wide that almost every artist has their own YouTube channel and a home studio.

Previously there was hardship in accessing the media houses. Today singers can reach their fans on social media. If someone is doing fantastic work, they have the opportunity to go international. Also so many franchises and Nepal’s own musical reality shows have been produced to explore new talent. The musical events are also well equipped and well designed on big budgets. I’ve also been seeing the involvement of big brands in this evolution. Also, now we have well educated human power working in the music industry. So many different artists of different genres are working together. The competition is very tough but not impossible. These are really good changes.

How did your song ‘Yo Andheri Raat’ happen?

Since childhood, I would listen to different songs and I always thought about making my own. One night I was just staring at the stars which I love to do even now, but that night was different for me. That was when the lyrics of ‘Yo Andheri Raat’ came to my mind. I started penning down my thoughts. I was young and had so many dreams, imaginations, frustrations so I tried to put all my emotions into that song. I also got awarded with the Dhuk Dhuki Pop Music Award in the category of Best New Artist of the Year 2061.

How did you get inclined towards music?

My father – late Budhhi Pariyar – used to work on Nepali folk music. He had already made super hit songs like Resham Firiri, Herda Ramro Machhapuchhre, Taal Paari Basau Cheel Paari, Pokhara Ko Bazara Bandhipure Bazara. He also used to play many instruments and dance. This way my home used to be musical and this influenced me a lot subconsciously. When I first heard my father’s name on Radio Nepal, I started dreaming about becoming a household name in the Nepali music field.

Tell us about your collaboration with Abhaya Subba

I precisely remember meeting her in Pokhara almost 20 years ago at my gig where I used to perform with my band, Damage Glitters. She came to me and praised my singing. That day I captured her in my heart. Her compliment helped me to flourish. Later I came to know her as a rock star. She came up with an album called ‘Sakdina’ which was a super hit. People started calling her Rock Diva which is perfect. Later, I met her in the band competition called Sprite Band Challenge. She was one of the judges and I was one of the hosts of the competition. I always admired her singing, her performance and vocal range. I had always desired to work with her. Fortunately, during the first lockdown, she came up with the idea of ‘Grooving With The Steam Engines’. She approached me and I finally got an opportunity to collaborate with her. The song is ‘Nagarana’ which is one of my favourites.


I have come up with the song ‘Maya Marera’. The song is also known as ‘Jyanai Khayo Tei Mori Ko Mayale’ especially on TikTok. This song has crossed six million views on my official YouTube channel. Meanwhile, I have also released my latest single ‘Tala Tala’ so my future plan obviously is to make more good songs.

Besides music

I am busy in my role as one of the jury members of a franchise singing reality show for children called SaReGaMaPa Lil Champs Nepal. I am a family man so besides music I also spend quality time with my family. 

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