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MAKEUP OR NO MAKEUP What’s the look men prefer?

by wowmagazine

Suhang Nembang

When it comes to makeup or keeping it natural, I like both. It depends upon where you are, the occasion, etc. We all are different. We all have different facial structure, skin tone, and skin type. In my view, makeup helps to enhance your look or helps to hide the part which you feel is unwanted. But that does not mean you just wear makeup to make yourself look beautiful. Everyone is beautiful in their own way. Also wearing makeup is an art. So, you need to know what you are doing. You don’t want to turn it into a disaster. Some have flawless natural skin, so they barely do anything with their face. Some choose to wear it for occasions, to style it, sometimes to hide blemishes, to contour, and to highlight and make it even better. So I prefer both. I don’t mind if s/he is wearing makeup or not. But you need to know what you are doing. Unless you make a disaster out of art, anything is fine. I think it enhances your looks and gives you confidence.

Dr Rupak BK Ghimire
MBBS, MD, Consultant Dermatologist & Hair Transplant Surgeon

I think it should be a balance between both depending on the occasion and look a woman is going for. On a daily basis, I like someone who is well groomed and maybe uses natural makeup with simple accessories. In a way someone who uses makeup to accentuate their features rather than cover it with heavy layers; along with well groomed hair, clothes and nails.

Tenzin Tseten Bhutia
Fashion Designer

For me, what really matters is the beauty inside a person. In terms of appearance, being naturally beautiful is definitely empowering but at the same time if it’s made up and oozes confidence and it comforts you in some manner then I don’t see any harm in it. So, I am equally attracted towards natural and the made up look. More importantly, be you, be comfortable, and be confident, that is all that matters.

Umesh Raj Pant
Relationship Manager, Prabhu Bank Fashion Model

I always believe that simplicity is admired by most beholders hence I can’t be an exception. Certainly, my answer would be the natural look for the fact that made-up never lasts for an eternity, it wilts. Having said that, sometimes, occasionally, it is okay if decent efforts are put in to enhance your beauty, but I don’t prefer anything over the top.

Bikash Pandey
Director, Darcy’s international Hotel/ Darcy’s International Store/ Cocoyaya Nepal

Every human is born naturally beautiful in their own way. Not only women, men also want to look good and feel confident. Women have their own way to change their look with make up and styling. I think natural is something you already have and how you look like in daily life but made up is just how you want to look like. And I have seen women being attractive, more confident and beautiful while in make up. So, I think adding something on natural beauty is like ‘cherry on top’ so I would rather prefer made up than natural if it is suitable with the way she is carrying herself.

Saurav Lamichhane
Filmmaker & Founder
Raeela Productions

Beauty has always been a topic of appreciation, excitement, and most importantly controversy. And when beauty is associated with women, it becomes the topic of appreciation, affection, desire and respect. It is a well-known fact that women are the emblem of beauty itself. Since many years beauty has always been synonymous with feminity.

Coming to the topic whether I prefer natural or made up look in women, what I am about to say may divide a line in between the thinking process of many people but these are things that my being has termed as superior above another. Being a cinematographer, I always seek so-called natural places as well rustic places of the earth which shows the rawness and beauty of the place, human nature and situation itself. But at the same time, we are also in constant search for made-up scenes as they are found to be visually aesthetic as well as artistic. My visual style as well as my thinking process has always been derived from nature. From dwelling in the plains of Terai, seeking the rawness as far as my eyes can see. So, I prefer natural looks whether in a woman or anything else. Makeup on women is visually aesthetic, artistic and appealing but as a male as well as fellow human being, I find the natural look on women far more alluring and artistic.  

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