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If you are among Lemii Tamang’s 340k Instagram followers, you have definitely spotted her work portfolio filled with trending makeup for the season. Her work has enhanced numerous faces, magazine editorials and advertisement campaigns. This pretty woman is currently one of the most sought after makeup artistes in the country.

With increasing followers on Instagram, Lemii is now someone who thousands of young people aspire to be like. “Social media worked as a portfolio for me. I used to post my makeup photos and videos on Instagram. People started noticing me through this platform and I started getting opportunities,” she states.

While makeup wasn’t an obvious calling, she’s dabbled in the space since her school days. “My passion for art led to sketching women’s faces and eventually experimenting with makeup, blending and playing with colours,” says Lemii. She also uses her skills to counter anxiety and stress.

Lemii has a makeup studio in Kathmandu and works with international agencies concentrated in India and Dubai. She is loving her journey and is motivated to work harder.

Text: Ankita Jain

What was Lemii like as a little girl?

I was a child asking too many questions and always passionate about arts.

What attracted you towards pursuing a career in makeup?

I was always into arts, crafts and everything related. I was also fascinated by the glamour world when I was young so I ended up choosing makeup. Though a professional makeup artiste wasn’t a planned career at all, it happened and I went with the flow. Life threw opportunities and I kept grabbing them. Today my profession is my passion and I will be forever grateful for this.

How has your career changed you as a person?

I have experienced the best and the worst in my career but I am forever grateful for all the opportunities, experiences and lessons. It made me really strong, confident and I feel like I have the power of doing what I desire if I work hard and smart. And I will always stay grounded and humble no matter where I reach in life.

You have worked as an artiste in India and Dubai as well. What are the major projects you have been part of?

I have worked with different people and brands but if I have to name a few it would be Pantene campaign, Faces Canada, Chambor, Vogue India, Femina India, Shopper Stop, etc. Further, I have worked with many celebrities like Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger e-commerce, some reality shows and movies.

Highlights of your career…

Working with good brands, magazines and being able to constantly improve my work and gather experiences from all the projects I have worked in. Further, my work allows me to travel to places and this is an added bonus.

Has your personal style changed over the years?

Yes of course style is all about change and upgrades.

Being a makeup artiste, do you ever feel pressurised to look good all the time?

I have not realised that yet because I love the idea of getting ready, putting on some makeup and look presentable not because I am a makeup artiste but I genuinely enjoy that as a woman.

Who do you usually turn to for advice?

My mom

What are your views on women becoming stronger allies for other women?

It’s such a beautiful thing. We should empower each other, help and support each other grow; that’s the most powerful thing.

Who are some of the women who inspire you?

Michelle Obama, Anastasia Soare, Anna Wintour.

Let’s talk about ageing. Why do women struggle with growing older?

Women often face more pressure due to the additional expectations from society in general. For example, a woman has to be a good daughter, a good friend, a good wife, and a good mother. The responsibility curve increases exponentially for women as situations unfold in her life. Adaptability also needs to happen very quickly in these new areas of life; the ever-changing responsibilities.

What’s your favourite thing about yourself?

I am relentless when I am determined to do something and refuse to give up. My least favourite would be that I am too hard on myself.

On The Spot

Best relationship advice: Stay single, focus on your career and wellbeing.
An absolute no no: Platform heels
Qualities you appreciate in men: Humility, self made, passionate and hard working
Your biggest fear: It was about my height but I faced it
Your current read: Think and Grow Rich
Favourite makeup brands: Dior and Charlotte Tilbury
A makeup hack you swear by: Use lipstick as a blusher
What’s always in your bag: Sanitizer
Three must haves in your closet: Polka print, overcoats and scarves
How much do you like shopping: I can shop everyday
I was first MUA for: Bivisha, my sister
Best holiday destination: Bali, Paris and Dubai
Fitness routine: I do yoga everyday
Life is: Beautiful so make the best out of it

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