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In a marriage, a couple covers a lot of ground. For many, marriage leads to children, building a home together, moving cities and countries to be close to each other, holidays, travel, creating memories or just growing into companionship as the years pass by. And as life fast-forwards, a couple learns a great deal about themselves, about each other, about life and why marriage is worth fighting for, despite the anger, the heartbreak and the pain that it can sometimes also bring.

Nischal Basnet
Actor & Director

Since marriage is two bodies, two minds, two lifestyles and two families coming together in one place, there are a lot of things to understand and adjust. Marriage brought a whole new way of thinking. I think every event that occurs in one’s life brings a new set of challenges and opportunities. Marriage being one big life event concerns a lot of people and anything good or bad revolving around it needs to be taken care of very well.

I am not sure about the lessons I’ve learnt but I am sure that if we want to be happy, we must work towards making our lives happy. Some days will be good, some days will be bad, but life will be beautiful if we trust each other.

Deepak Bajracharya
Singer & Musician

Marriage is about sharing and enjoying life’s never-ending journey together. It’s mostly about replacing all the aspirational ‘I’s in your life with ‘We’s. Looking forward to your goals and saying “We can do this”.  Reflecting back at your struggles and saying “We overcame that together”. It’s about you and your partner fulfilling what the other lacks and being strong together as a couple.  

All in all, marriage makes a person more responsible, and also increases one’s ambitions in life. It helps you grow into becoming a more committed and empathic person in general. You do best in life when you and your partner both respect, empathise and understand things that are important to the other.

Sudeep Acharya
Managing Director, Dish Media Network

You have someone who loves you and takes care of you. When you are low, you share your grief, and when you are doing good, you share your joy. Sharing your joy makes you elated to the next level. Sharing your grief makes you feel that there is someone beside you when you are down. Being single, you are free to do whatever you feel like. Once you get married, you have to be considerate of your partner and work in unison. Marriage is a compromise that takes the self to another level.

Small things like eating a meal together, talking about life, going to the movies, visiting a temple, or talking about your kids give you immense pleasure. Going on a vacation, looking at old photos, walking together, going to a party… it all gives you meaning of life. You are different yet you feel like you represent one another. You feel you are one. Marriage is bliss.

Chirag Bangdel
Artist, Writer & Radio Presenter and Producer

Perhaps the best thing about getting married is the feeling that the person you love so much is with you now, forever by your side. I have been very close to my mother and I lived for her. When I lost her two years ago, I was devastated. I wasn’t married then and Roma was right by my side during such a painful time. Without her, I would have been completely lost. And now after being married to her, I have a new purpose in life. My wife is my inspiration, my source of encouragement and my strength.

Marriage teaches me new lessons each day – lessons on family values and the joy of sharing everything. Marriage also makes me feel secure and gives me strength in everything life brings. Marriage also means supporting, trusting, and helping one another and I enjoy all of these. A good marriage makes one grow in all beautiful ways.

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