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The event began with the explanation of Lok Chitrakar’s Hevajra Mandala which has taken him 25 years in the making and is still incomplete. It is a historical Paubha in the making, not just because of the time taken, but because it is being painted in the truest essence of making a Paubha.

Paubha is not just a technical art form of painting deities, it requires the study of religious texts, understanding the philosophical essence, experiencing this philosophy in life, developing a deep connection with dharma, and then expressing it on canvas.

The slides presented by Sworup Adhikari and Ursula Manandhar explained the history of the Hevajra Tantra and then how Hevajra as Iṣtadevatā in Devatāyoga practice. Later the actual tantric practice of Hevajra, the iconography of Hevajra, and a short discussion about what the Mandala actually is and the specific elements present in the Mandala. It was concluded by a short discussion with the audience. Following this, Lok Chitrakar talked about his experience while making the mandala, his quest for knowledge and insights into the beliefs about the mandala and Hevajra.

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