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by Sweta Rajgarhia

From bar hopping in Bangkok to spiritual experience in South Korea, WOW shares where all of the zodiac signs should travel in 2022.

Destination: Bali

An Indonesian paradise that feels like a fantasy is Bali. Watch the sunset or soak up the sun on a stretch of fine white sand. Experience the exhilarating night life, beaches, volcanoes Komodo dragons and jungles sheltering elephants and tigers. Take this time to pace yourself and plan for the future ahead.

The Sun and Saturn are aligned together, work on new projects shall be fruitful.

Destination: France

France is one of the most iconic cities in the world. The famous land marks here are Eiffel Tower, Arcole Triomphe, Notre Dame Cathedral. Your stars are favourable for this travel. You will find value for your spent in France and as an introvert you are not forced into social interactions.

The planet Venus and Mars are aligned and you may expect new opportunities.

Destination: Greece

Anybody would love to travel to Greece once in their lives, thanks to its unparallel beauty. Crete is the largest of the Greek island. Places to see are the Imbros Gorge, Heraklion Archaeological Museum, Rethymnon town, Old Venetian Harbor, Aqua world, Potamos beach, and more. Since you like meeting different people and exploring, Greece offers both.

The air sign represents travel, ideations and free thoughts. Give attention to new ideas.

Destination: Mexico

Salt water therapy will keep you very happy. From Cabo to Punta to Mayakoba in Mexico, the beaches are calling. Los Cabos at the tip of the Baja Peninsula continues to attract visitors. The sun is shining bright and a new lover or a new home is expected to come your way, or just might be waiting for you.

Water sign ruled by Venus, you must look for new relationships or mending relationship with friends and family.

Destination: Singapore

Since you like competition, routine life and stability, the high rising buildings, well developed tourist attractions, lip smacking delicious food in Singapore will attract you. The iconic structures of Marine Bay Sands and Gardens by the Bay make the skyline of the country one of the most attractive. Singapore is also a paradise for shopaholics.

Fire sign individuals are good at completing tasks. Seize the inspiration from this country’s achievement in building a leading economy in less than a decade.

Destination: South Korea

Planetary movement shows contentment and security. Though South Korea might not be popular among travellers but it will leave you feeling content and secured. The city of Seoul has temples and shrines, beautiful public parks and shopping malls. The ancient cities of South Korea will take you back through centuries as explore their art and history. Spiritual experience in the village of Andong Hahoe is what you can look forward to.

Earth sign with Mars and Venus as rulers, you may work on projects being positive of the outcome.

Destination: Bora Bora

New employment and good luck awaits you. An unexpected surprise will come your way in the small island of Bora Bora which overflows with beauty. A dormant volcano rises at its center and fans out into lush jungles before spilling into an aquamarine lagoon. It bonds with luxurious resorts, sunny skies, warm waters, and friendly locals.

Saturn and Jupiter rule the air sign. This time is all about exploring new avenues in life.

Destination: London

London is a world onto itself. From politics and banking to fashion and music, discover it all in London’s best tours. This would be a good getaway to party but there is potential for quarrel among friends, be careful.
Water sign, with Venus and Moon on your side, so be happy and calm to create positive energy flow at all times.

Destination: Japan

Small gatherings and staying low-key, working efficiently is the need of the hour, and Japan is just the destination. Simply setting foot in Japan’s cosmopolitan capital is an experience in itself. Tokyo is known for its bustling streets and flashing neon signs. It offers century old temples and shrines to explore as well.
Fire sign as a ruler, focus on completing projects.

Destination: Sydney

Travel to Sydney offers more than just a dizzying array of landmarks such as Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Relax and surf at the world’s renowned beaches like Cove, Bondi and Manly. Enjoy a rugby match, hit up the city’s museum or lounge along the shore, Sydney’s got you covered.

The Earth sign signifies time to relax.

Destination: Dubai

You need a break to the dazzling and dizzying city of superlatives -largest, tallest, biggest – Dubai which does everything to the extreme, standing out for its user modern design in a historically conservative country. The soaring skyscrapers, palm shaped islands golden beaches, paired with vibrant night life, luxury shopping, world class dining make the city a sight to behold and be explored.

For this Air sign, it’s time to change old perspective and embrace the new.

Destination: Bangkok

There’s plenty to see and experience in Bangkok which remains one of most intense places on Earth to visit. Temples like Wat Pho, night life from Patpong to ritzy rooftop bars, night markets, mega malls and massive weekend markets, the city is always in high energy.

Water sign individuals, be careful of not to over think and instead enjoy the present.

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