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Inauguration of the book, “Lest We Disappear” by the author Oldrich Bubak is a continuation of a trilogy of books, Poles of the Planet: Old and New trilogy. In order to honour the customary method of inauguration in Oldrich’s native country, the book was inaugurated by pouring masala tea on top of it. The project introduction was done in the presence of special guests, Hari Bansha Acharya, Shiva Dhakal and Vishnu Agrawal.

Olan explained how this book engages and recognizes that loss of biodiversity is a more severe problem than related environmental issues often propagated by the media. Addressing it adequately requires reshaping our views and behaviour towards life and the space in which it happens. ‘Lest We Disappear ‘leads one to the realisation that environmental conservation goes beyond the often-dominant climate change discussions. It is a multifaceted enterprise that hopes to save humankind itself.

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