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When Nepal’s most iconic beverage brand, Khukri and WOW, one of the country’s leading magazines, come together, they are bound to stir up magic. Add to that the sparkle of beautiful Asmi Shrestha and the wit and glamour of our first guests, Shilpa Maskey and Parakram Rana, and we have the first edition of the Khukri Rum presents WOW Saturday Brunch to the delight of our audiences across Nepal and overseas.

Asmi walks the beautiful Shilpa and the amazing Parakram through a light hearted conversation that delves into different aspects of their personalities. Over Indian delicacies and Daiquiris made with Khukri White Rum at the Hotel Soaltee, the conversation takes twists and turns to reveal the fun side of both guests on the show.

With segments like The Ice Breaker, The Uncomfortable, Binge Watch and Rum’ailo Moments, Asmi plays the perfect host while creating an enjoyable conversation for fans of Shilpa and Parakram.

From early career choices to juicy bits of gossip, there is sheer chemistry on the show that you don’t want to miss

In the next episode…
The second episode of Khukri Rum presents WOW Saturday Brunch has Ayushman Deshraj Joshi and Niti Shah with the beautiful Asmi Shrestha taking the conversation in several directions. From early days in the industry to personal revelations, the three fill the afternoon with laughter and fun. Don’t miss it!

Hospitality Partner: The Soaltee Kathmandu

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