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Kirti Bothra Begani, a homemaker and entrepreneur, co-founded Fashion Fusion, a lifestyle exhibition especially curated for the contemporary women. Kirti’s believes women must feel confident and beautiful in their own skin. Through Fashion Fusion, she has created a platform for women to discover the latest fashion trends, designs and styles while connecting with like-minded individuals. She also plays a strong role with inputs on design and public relations in Ganapati Jewellers which is a family run business. To find out what makes Kirti’s life beautiful, Anushka Shrestha from WOW caught up with her.

What are you currently busy with
My upcoming lifestyle exhibition, Fusion Fashion

What do you love about your work
The opportunity to meet and interact with new people. I also get to see the latest trends and explore new ideas.

What makes a person beautiful?
Their confidence and the way they carry themselves

What makes you beautiful
Being myself

What makes life beautiful
Being surrounded by positive and loving people; cherishing the time and moments we can spend with them.

What tickles your funny bones
I am currently binge re-watching Friends since my daughter is bingeing on it. Definitely brings out the laughter. Also, the occasional one-liners from my son.

Favourite comedian
Rajpal Yadav

Therapy for happiness
Going on trips, even short ones.

Current perfume
Chloe. I keep changing my perfumes, this is the one I am currently using.

You are addicted to
A good cup of masala tea

On your wish list
A trip to Greece with my husband

You stay fit by
My daily session of yoga early in the morning. It refreshes me for the day and keeps me fit.

Best year of your life
1997 and 2005. The years my son and daughter were born. These were truly special and the most defining moments in my life.

Latest splurge
A black Valentino clutch

There’s no routine I religiously follow. But I use any of the home remedies that have been passed down to me in my family for generations.

I am not tech savvy at all. I just use my iPhone and that’s it.

Style Icon,
Kirron Kher for her wonderful sarees

Always in you handbag
My phone and my wallet

What do you do to unwind
Short vacation to Pokhara and listening to Bollywood songs.

Favourite holiday destination
Bali, it has the best of both worlds. You can party and you can relax.

Best thing about being you
I don’t judge people

Make up… can’t do without

Favourite makeup brands
MAC and Bobby Brown

Three things you do to absolutely look your best
Being confident, putting on a smile, and sprinkling on perfume to add that layer of complexity

On a bad hair day
Just stay in and enjoy time with family.

One tip you learnt that makes you photo ready

What do you like doing in your spare time
Watch Turkish web series. Read a book in the garden in the sunlight.

Books or movies
Movies, especially in theatres. I get to enjoy my caramel popcorn that way.

Guilty pleasure
Homemade Indian sweets

Favourite place to eat in Kathmandu
Fire and Ice and Roadhouse Café

One thing you can’t do without
My shades. It’s a must-have for any day event.

What advice would you give to your younger self
Just enjoy living in the moment, everything will fall into place

Celebrity crush
Arjun Rampal

A quote you live by
What goes around comes around

A movie that inspires you
Three idiots. It shows the importance of having fun

Favourite cuisine
Thakali and Italian

Lockdown lesson
Money can’t buy you everything

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