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WOW introduces you to some of Kathmandu’s most celebrated and in-demand makeup and hair artistes who have aced their game with bridal looks. They tell us what’s in and what’s not.

The Beauty Bar

Itchya Karki is the Managing Director of The Beauty Bar Nepal. Besides owning and managing her salon, she is also a social media influencer.

What does the new-age bride look for in makeup these days?

Even back when Nepal had the trend of super cut crease Arabic looking eyes and heavy looks, here at the Beauty Bar, the signature look has always been very natural glowy bases with subtle eyes. I would like to say that our signature bridal glam is the subtle glam and greatly in demand.

Colour palette for the season

Deep red browns, a hint of olive green and purple

“My beautiful bride was wearing a Sabyasachi lehenga. I wanted the outfit to stand out and didn’t want to make the whole look too busy so we went with a very traditional kajal look with very subtle brown gold shimmer eyes, dewy fresh base and nude lips.”

Step by step guide for eye makeup
Just eye cream, primer, concealer and base eyeshadows followed by kajal.


Sakchhi Maskey is a 25-year-old makeup artiste who has been working since 2016. She also owns two clothing brands.

What does the new age bride look for in makeup these days?

Fresh, dewy and elegant.

What is your signature bridal look?

Really depends on the bride’s choice but I like to keep it minimal and fresh while enhancing their natural beauty.

Colour palette for the season

Mauve and cobalt blue

A current NO-NO

Now that we have access to varieties of makeup and artistes, it’s really important to know that the bold eyes and brow trend with heavy makeup is gone. It’s time to highlight your elegance and natural beauty.

“A natural flush on her cheeks and hydrated skin with flawless finish accentuates her beautiful elongated eyes. The falsies are kept short to give her a clean and elegant look.”

Step by step guide for the perfect lips
Start with a lip liner if you are not using matte lipstick or a lip brush. It’s always good to begin at the cupid bow resting your hand on your chin for perfection.


Wearing :MINT (Instagram: mintbrandscollective)
Photographer : photographer_coyo (instagram)

Sanu Gurung started out as a makeup artiste in 2015 from her hometown, Chitwan. She runs a studio in Durbar Marg where she also provides training.

What does the new-age bride look for in makeup these days?

Brides want to look more confident and makeup plays a vital role in building confidence. The wedding day is a very special day for a bride, my job is to enhance her appearance. They take so many pictures to serve as memories and makeup serves to make the bride look more beautiful.

What is your signature bridal look?

It depends on the skin tone. Makeup is all about colour and I try my best to maintain a balance. The complexion is important and I make sure that the skin looks a little brighter, even toned and more attractive.

Colour palette

Colour analysis takes colouring and undertone of three things into account: eyes, hair and skintone. Depending on how light or dark each of these are, it puts you into a season – spring, summer, autumn, or winter. The colours in your season will complement your features best.

What every bride should know…

After finalising your wedding outfit, your next big task is to book a makeup artiste – someone who will make you look and feel like a million bucks on your big day. But even before you zero onto a professional, you need to think about what look will suit you best. While you may fancy a particular look, there are several factors to consider such as whether it will suit your skin type, outfit and event.

“I went for elaborate bridal eye makeup to create this engagement look. It complements the overall look by making her eyes look big and beautiful. Elaborate eye makeup works perfectly for a day function. I chose the colour of eyeshadow to match according to the colour of the bride’s outfit.”

Photographer : photographer_coyo (instagram)
Model : Monika Shrestha (Instagram: akiinom_)
Location : Silver Oak (Instagram: silvroakktm)
Wearing : Swornim studio (Instagram: swornimstudio)
Jewellery : RB Diamond Jewellers (Instagram: rb_diamond)

Step by step guide for blush placement
Place blush high on the cheekbones and swipe upwards to the temple to lift the face and accentuate cheekbones. This look is best if you want a facelift.


For a decade, Durga Malla’s life has been about snipping, curling and styling hair of her clients, brides and celebrities for events and photo shoots.
Born and raised in Tanahun, Durga entered this field in 2010. After training and working in a salon for four years in Kathmandu, Durga opted to become an independent hairstylist.

What does the new-age bride look for in hair style these days?

The modern bride considers hair and makeup to go hand-in-hand. They look for volume these days and hair extensions are widely added.

The age-old tradition of tying the bride’s hair in a tight bun is gone. Brides experiment with soft curls, beachy waves and natural accessories.

What is your signature bridal look?

I often go with the client demands. But currently, I am obsessed with the messy bun and Hollywood curls. However, the look depends on how it will look on the client.

Hair accessories for the season

Natural flowers are trending and Bollywood inspired hair bands and matha pattis.

“Hollywood curls is the perfect blend of yesteryears and the modern bride.”

Step by step guide for styling a soft bun for thin hair

  • An absolute must for thin hair is to start with throwing in some texturising spray or dry shampoo.
  • Use a brush to work your hair up high onto the head.
  • Wrap a hair tie around pretty tight.
  • Optional: clip in some hair extensions to give your bun a fuller look.
  • Twist ponytail into a bun.
  • Take small hairpieces, twist, pull and pin them until you like how your top knot looks.
  • Fix your pretty bun with hairspray.

Arden The Beauty Point
arden_rajesh / arden_the_beauty_point

Rajesh has been working since 2004. He has taken makeup and hair styling trainings in many countries like Thailand, India, China, Japan, Russia and UK. He was trained by Sylvie, Shafag Novruz, Georgy Kot among other known names.

What is your signature bridal look?

My secret is to bring out the best in a bride’s skin. I rather give more priority to enhance her own structure. We have a special ‘Bindi’ which we use for most of our brides and that is our signature.

How often do brides experiment with their look?

We have two types of brides. One who follows the trend and the other who creates her own knowing what suits her. Most are conscious about the function, venue and the guests.

What every bride should know…

In the past, makeup was not fun and people gave more priority to jewellery. But now, the concept of weddings has changed. Both brides and grooms wantto enjoy it as much as possible. Now the concepts around hair and makeup have also changed. They plan and do their research and come with options. While you may fancy a particular finish, there are several factors to consider such as whether it will suit your skin type, outfit and event.

“Before the application of the makeup, to make her skin smooth and create a natural and glowy finish, we use a handmade face pack which we make at Arden. That face pack helps make the skin look young, smooth, youthful, hydrated and flawless”

Step by step guide for highlighting and contouring
Highlighting and contouring are not for everyone. It depends on the person’s facial structure. We also need to be careful about the skin colour, occasion, attire and technique with the products that we are using.


Ashlesha Rana is an independent makeup artiste who got her professional training in 2016. She is also a fashion enthusiast and loves creating her own style.

What does the new-age bride look for in makeup these days?

The new-age brides are definitely saying no to age-old bridal standards. Decking up underneath layers of makeup would be a complete no and comfort is what marks the new-age bridal look.

What is your signature bridal look?

It depends on what the bride wants. If the bride leaves it to me, and in most cases they do, it would be fresh glowing skin, lightly sculpted face and the eyes would differ according to different eye shapes.

Makeup mantra for the bride

I don’t think one should care about bridal makeup trends. Opt for something that you feel comfortable in and that makes you feel yourself. A bride shouldn’t do something simply to avoid being judged for her choice.  

“Super clean, glowy look with soft brown smokey eyes and a pop of red lips with lots of highlighter.”

Step by step guide for the base

  • Preparing the skin is most important, so a good hydrating moisturiser to start with is a must.
  • Primer
  • Colour corrector
  • Foundation 
  • Concealer 
  • Setting powder

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