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Tenzin Peyang Lama’s family owns the newly opened Hotel Dusit Princess Kathmandu. From growing up in an international boarding school in India to pursuing her Bachelors degree in Business Administration from Boston and now working towards her Master’s degree in Project Management from Northeastern University; she is deeply passionate about Marketing and Public Relations. During her time in Boston, she worked with several companies – from art-based startups to established banks and SAAS companies. On a break in Kathmandu, she is helping her father with the Dusit Princess Kathmandu, applying all that she’s learnt and envisions for the hotel. In this edition of WOW, she talks about what makes her life beautiful.

 What makes a person beautiful

Genuine intentions

What makes you beautiful


What makes life beautiful

The memories you create along the way and the unexpected doors that open

What tickles your funny bones

Looking back at embarrassing moments I have experienced

What makes you smile

Meeting friends and family, good conversations, or an achievement

Favourite comedian

Ali Wong

Therapy for happiness

Good food and a comfort show

Current perfume

Miss Dior

You are addicted to


On your wish list

Travel to at least three-four new countries before the end of the year

You stay fit by

Gymming and swimming

Best year of your life

2009 when my baby brother was born

Latest splurge

Toys and treats for my puppy


Lots of sunscreen during the day, retinol at night, and I have started using a lot of Korean products


iPhone and iPad

Style Icons

My style isn’t influenced by anyone specific, it mainly depends on my mood

Always in your handbag

Air Pods, phone, wallet, makeup pouch and iPad

What do you do to unwind

A spa visit

Favourite holiday destination

Can’t pick one, but I try and visit a new place every year

You always struggle with


Best thing about being you

My emotional intelligence, adaptability, and always trying to make the most of every situation

Make up…can’t do without


Favourite makeup brands

Dior, Estée Lauder, and Rare B_eauty

Three things you absolutely do to look your best

A good night’s sleep, skincare, and some makeup

On a bad hair day

I put my hair in a bun

One tip you learnt that makes you photo ready

Knowing your angles

What do you like doing in your spare time

Spending time with family, watching a show, calling my friends

Books or movies


Guilty pleasure

Chocolate desserts

Favourite place to eat in Kathmandu

Recent favourite is Soi at Dusit Princess Kathmandu

One thing you can’t do without


What advice would you give to your younger self

Don’t shrink yourself to make others feel comfortable

Celebrity crush

Alex Cooper

Have you ever been told to change something about yourself

Probably but I can’t remember

Movies that inspire you

The Blind Side, The Devil Wears Prada, and The Help

Favourite cuisine 

I am a big a foodie: Nepali, Tibetan, Korean, Thai and Spanish

A quote you live by

Confidence is not that they will like me; Confidence is ‘I’ll be fine if they don’t’

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