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Brides to be are at the receiving end of a ton of advice – how to manage the guest list, which photographer to hire, where to buy the wedding attire, where to honeymoon, etc. etc. But when it comes to the big night or for the more serious – consummating their marriage, it’s either a lot of naughty jokes or the wise telling you that a lot of newlyweds simply don’t have sex on their wedding night. They tell you that you’ll be too exhausted, too drunk, too something. That insight can be empowering because it takes the pressure off but it’s also not exactly what you want to hear. Here are some ideas to make sure you and your groom have the special night that you two deserve.

Make a pact with your new husband to leave the celebrations as early as you can. The goal is to walk into your wedding night suite with a few ounces of energy still in you. Make sure the celebrations don’t drain you completely so that you are not sacrificing your alone time.

Choose silky PJs you can’t wait to wear. Naughty bridal lingerie is fun, but a luxurious chemise with shorts might be a better answer on your wedding night. You spent all day in an elaborate get-up, slipping into something silky will feel so good for both of you.

Make sure you have everything you need in your room. With all the running around and elaborate rituals and meeting with family and friends on your wedding day, simply keep all the things you need for the night and the next day separately so that when you walk in, the quiet calm will instantly relax you.

Turn off your bridal brain and tune in to him. Since wedding planning can be so intense, switching off from planning mode can take a while. Now’s the time to forget about it all and turn your attention to your husband. You only get one wedding night; all the other stuff can wait until later.

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