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Jyoti Nakarmi
Director, Julie’s Cakes & Pastries

In the 21st century, we all are aware that men and women are equal. My wife tirelessly dedicates herself to making a positive impact in the lives of others. In supporting her journey, I have come to realise that true success is not just an individual achievement but a shared endeavour. In our bakery business, I see her working hard daily and her artistic and creative fusion comes as an immunity booster for our company. We navigate the complexities of her work hand in hand, and my role as an understanding partner is both a privilege and a responsibility.

In our partnership, I find profound joy in witnessing the transformative effects of her efforts. Understanding her mission has allowed us to forge a connection that goes beyond the typical roles of husband and wife. It’s a collaboration built on mutual respect, empathy and a shared commitment to fostering positive change. I stand beside her not merely as an observer but as an active participant in the journey towards a more just and compassionate world. There are challenges, of course, but our shared vision fuels our resilience. We celebrate the victories together and face the setbacks as a united front.
As a supportive husband, I am not just cheering from the sidelines; I am an integral part of the team, offering encouragement, understanding, and a steadfast belief in her ability to make a difference. I take pride in being a husband, knowing that together we contribute to a narrative of shared success where her achievements are a reflection of our collective commitment to a better world. With equality, there should be equal respect among partners too despite your work.

Amir Poudel
Ph.D. Student, Texas A&M University

This question is an oversimplification of reality. People can do awesome things independently, in a team, with a family, trespassing the orthodox gender divide. It is more so in today’s era of acknowledging and respecting all gender and identities equally.

In the world I come from, perhaps like for many, most often couples find themselves entangled in a complex web of societal norms, especially more so for wives in our Eastern culture. Since she is married into a family, it could often be overwhelming, impacting her personal and professional life. She works hard to balance family life with professional ambitions and goals, both of which could be hard to pursue hand in hand. To me, communication is the key! The husband should listen, encourage, and empower his partner. Yes, there will be a lot of times we will have disagreements. The key to coming to a common understanding is to listen, share your point of view, find the root cause of the differences, acknowledge them, work on addressing them, and move forward. If you are the type of husband who finds her professional work-related stories interesting, you are already ahead in the game. Believe me, you just being there to listen to how her day went, would make a huge difference to do better tomorrow. To conclude, yes having an understanding partner will be a huge advantage but most importantly if she has the right environment and a free mindset to pursue her dream, she can surely pave a successful road for tomorrow.

Amit Khetan
Managing Director, The Mountain Pet Pvt Ltd

For the success of any relationship, it is very important to be supportive and understanding toward your partner. In a patriarchal society like ours, I believe that the male partner has a bigger responsibility of becoming a strong support system for his female partner in helping her achieve her goals. We need to respect our partners and support their ambitions, contributing to a healthy and balanced personal and professional life. Family, house and children are not just her responsibility. We need to share these responsibilities as a couple. When responsibilities are shared and a mutual understanding is created between a couple, our female partners would certainly be motivated and be able to give her 100% to her ambitions leading to happy and successful women.

Dr. Pukar Malla
Chairperson, Governance Lab and Daayitwa

Behind every successful woman, there’s an understanding man or no man at all. The road to success is unfortunately and notably unequal for women. Because change begins at home, an understanding man can be an important partner for a woman. In different roles – as a brother, husband, father, uncle, grandfather or other roles – he is able to understand her emotionally and intellectually and to support her in upholding her values, making difficult decisions, travelling through the highs and lows to reach her goals.

Our patriarchal society does not raise men for this type of true partnership. Having grown up most of his life with privilege, a man needs to understand not just the woman, but also the biases that live so comfortably and deeply entrenched in him, in his family, in his workplace and in the society. This process of understanding, followed by unlearning, unbecoming, learning and becoming, is not easy and often uncertain and painful. Sometimes, men have to speak less so women can speak up, and step back so women can step forward. This learning journey eventually becomes extremely rewarding to the man, the woman, the family and everyone.

Especially since the journey is connected to the intricacies of many voices and role identities that live in the man, and many stakeholders in the family and society that the man and woman must engage, I find that being understanding is not enough. The relationship must also be filled with love, respect and trust; then this becomes a truly joyful and fulfilling journey.

Jeremy Power Regimbal
Film Director & Photographer

I don’t believe that a woman needs an understanding man behind her to be successful. I surely wouldn’t want my daughter to think she needs an understanding man to be successful. I really don’t think a woman’s success is contingent on the support of a male partner in any way. Success is a multifaceted concept, and individuals regardless of gender, are capable of achieving success on their own merit. In Maggie’s case she was “successful” far before she ever met me and doesn’t need me to be the strong, powerful human she is now. With that said, I think of our relationship like a team. I have a career, she has a career, and together we also have a family, financial obligations, finding special time for each other, and many things to juggle, so we both need to be supportive and understanding of each other’s dreams and respectful of our energy and time. I think successful partnerships of all kinds require shared responsibilities, respect for each other’s ambitions, and a supportive environment that allows both individuals to thrive in their personal and professional pursuits. There are of course times where her intense and demanding role as a CEO and founder of a large organization requires her to work eighteen-hour days and I need to step up to be there for our children more, but there is a natural ebb and flow to it when I need to do the same for my work in the film industry, she does the same for me and our family. I think it can be dangerous to get in a position where one person feels they are being “Understanding” to enable the other person’s career, I feel that has the potential to build resentment and negative energy which has no place in a healthy loving relationship. I always loved the advice “Never make your relationship a competition, you are playing for the same team.”

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