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Ujan Shakya 

I reckon it’s not a right thing to do while still being in a relationship as trust is a very thin line which is earned through faithfulness, care, commitment and is one of the main bases of any relationship. So, once the line is broken it’s pretty hard to get it back to where it was before in that default mode. 

Paribesh Koirala
Founder & CEO, AstroPod – Made In Stars

In my opinion, cheating in a relationship goes beyond just physical infidelity. Engaging in online flirting or having an emotional affair with someone outside of the relationship can be a serious breach of trust and can be just as damaging to a relationship as a physical affair. Emotional affairs often leave a deeper wound because they involve a deeper emotional connection with someone else, and they can be harder for couples to recover from.

Cheating is any behaviour that shows an interest in someone else outside of the relationship, whether it be physical, emotional or romantic. This includes engaging in online flirting or having an emotional affair. This type of behaviour is a clear violation of the trust and commitment that is at the foundation of a healthy and fulfilling relationship. If a partner engages in this type of behaviour without the knowledge or consent of the other partner, it could be considered a deal breaker for me as it shows a lack of respect for the relationship and the feelings of the other partner. It is important for individuals to establish clear boundaries and expectations with their partner and to have open and honest communication in order to avoid misunderstandings or hurt feelings.

Nutan Shrestha
Mr. Nepal 2022

I believe that as long as people in a relationship are transparent and honest with each other, all behaviour that doesn’t breach the trust is acceptable. There are open relationships where flirting with and even having physical and emotional intimacy with someone outside the relationship is okay because it is consensually decided between the partners what are the boundaries and acceptable behaviour. Online or offline, the behaviour is still the same no matter the medium. Personally, I prefer exclusivity in my romantic relationship. And I make it a point to communicate that clearly to whoever I am with.

Abhinav Joshi 
Sportscaster & Television Presenter

In today’s world exchanging messages through online mediums has become easier than ever and thus has given people the freedom to connect with absolutely anyone anytime.

Flirting with people online has been prevailing and people tend to connect with whom they have not met in the past and have not established the relationship in real life as they pretend to have in the conversations.
This might mean different things to different people. Some people might find it casual. But, in my opinion, yes, I consider online flirting the equivalent of cheating or being unfaithful. If I am in a committed relationship with another person, this is cheating. All these breaks down the trust which is the foundation of any relationship. Whether it may be the digital world or the real world, the things you say matter equally.

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