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by wowmagazine

Sanjay Gupta
Media Personality

Although I wouldn’t claim that marriage is losing appeal but the rate of it is certainly declining. I believe it is because we humans as individuals have realised the importance of grooming oneself to the peak before we share our lives with others. In the 22nd century, we prioritise our growth, success, and triumph before tying the knot.

Mayenk Khadka

Yes, marriages used to be an institution people entered out of custom, duty or a need to procreate and out of love. These are all not so important in this face paced, technology driven society. In many ways, getting married is now easier than it has ever been but staying happily married is difficult. This has brought about a shift in culture towards what you call individualism: the idea that what is important is my own satisfaction, my own personal growth and my development. Young men and women are all pursuing more personal development and that’s all great but the happiness, contentment and joy that comes from marriage and family life is great too. Now, marriage is like every other decision we make but I do believe the value of marriage has been lost.

Sameer Jung Thapa
Loan Processing Specialist, HLE Nepal

I am a great believer in relationships. Marriage to me is all about the companionship more than just the relation between two people. The intensity they share, the bonding they have, and the spark that keeps the relationship alive is what I find interesting and fascinating about marriage.

Isn’t it amazing how two people in a relationship, who are constantly in the process of knowing each other better, at one point of time decide to live together forever? The level of intensity just keeps growing.

With the passage of time, or I would say the amount of time invested in a relationship, the bonding between the two becomes deeper. The enthusiasm to see and listen to each other is just beautiful with the increased bonding.

The most important, I believe is keeping the spark alive in a relationship. There shouldn’t be two people just physically present. They need to put their whole heart into the relationship if the relationship is to stay alive and work out.

To have my say, I don’t think marriage is losing its appeal. Obviously, there are issues because of not keeping these three things in correct context, but at the end of the day, it’s there.

Rehan Shrestha
Digital Creator

Marriage is a beautiful amalgamation of two souls. It’s not just a physical union, it’s an emotional and spiritual unification. But nowadays, observing most relationships and marriages, one wonders if marriage is losing its appeal. The lack of loyalty, absence of honest vulnerable communication, ignoring boundaries, emotional infidelity, heightened egos, the lack of compromise and compassion are a few reasons why I believe individuals are losing faith in the institution of marriage. It’s also losing its appeal as you are able to practice all the “sacred” elements of marriage ie, love, sex, commitment, children etc without getting married. But just because modern societal trends are moving towards solitude and not needing a marital partner doesn’t mean that the value of marriage, to me, has decreased. Marriage is still as important as it was, and as it will ever be.

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