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Lorina Sthapit
Co-founder, Aji’s, Host, Aji’s Podcast

Yes, content fatigue is a real thing. Before the emergence of agriculture, humans were hunters and gatherers and ate whatever we could find, easy to hunt and gather. Now we find ourselves surrounded by supermarkets with an abundance of choices, healthy and unhealthy. With more options we must become more conscious of our choices to benefit our health. Similarly, with the advent of the internet, information production and dissemination has become easier and faster than ever. Anyone can create content and disseminate across the world through the internet. So, it is even more important to make intelligent choices to consume truthful, objective and unbiased information. Content or information fatigue is a real thing and we can fight it by being conscious about what we consume.

Niyukty Arjal
BDS, MDS (Gums Specialist), Gums and Giggles Dental Clinic

No doubt media exposure has helped us become aware and sensitised us to issues from all around the world. It has shortened the generation gap and provided so much convenience at the click of a button. However, content fatigue is real because it is confusing to choose which content is important for you and which is not. Getting influenced by information is very subjective. Whatever information is out there might not be relevant to you, despite it being genuine. Getting immersed in a whirlpool of content is not just exhausting but also unproductive. It distracts us in a way we don’t realise until we notice it through changes in our actions and thoughts. For example, the slogan, “Do not change yourself for anyone else” is rubbed on our faces through media every day. Believing this blindly can mean we are closing doors to so many opportunities of self-growth. That is why I think it is necessary to seek an expert guidance beyond conventional media to differentiate between signal and noise. If we are able to filter what is fed to us then we are saving ourselves from getting overwhelmed.

Zulekha Khan
Makeup Artist, Zulekha Makeup & Hair Studio

A lot of people don’t know how to limit themselves especially youngsters who spend hours on the phone. More than the quantity of the content I am worried about the quality of it because social media is so heavily manipulated that it brings a false sense of reality. This corrupts young minds into fake observations and sometimes depression. Other than that, I don’t believe I can be affected by content fatigue. You can always put your phone down. Take time for yourself, have a cup of tea, basically do without it. It’s up to you.

Jai Pradhan
Media Personality

Too much of anything isn’t good. Therefore, time management is necessary. What kind of content to consume and at what time is pretty much of an important factor. Consuming the right content at the right time could actually motivate and give the right push in the right direction. It’s up to an individual how they are managing their consumption of content. I consume most of my internet content mostly during the bed time. That is the only time when I surf through YouTube and OTT platforms.

Reetal Rana
Managing Director, Mid-Valley International College

Although an insurmountable amount of content is available, it is for us to decide what to take and what to cut out.  Imagine going to a buffet, there are so many options. Now are we going to eat everything or choose which ones we like? Some people will fill their plates until nothing else can be added while some people will only take what they need. Having a variety of content on different platforms allows more freedom of expression, personal engagement and preference. In today’s world, content is king but don’t become a slave to it.  

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