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Prabesh Kumar Shrestha is a singer and songwriter from Kathmandu, and lately gaining immense popularity among the youth. Prabesh started his musical journey by posting covers on YouTube. The incredible response he has received inspired him to work on his originals. Today, he has more than two lakh subscribers on YouTube alone and performs regularly on stage.  

Prabesh is currently doing his Bachelors in Business Administration at Ace Institute of Management. WOW’s Anushka Shrestha caught up with the talent to get insight into his journey. 

 What made you want to become a musician? 

 Music has always inspired me. Ever since I was a kid, I was passionate about music and loved singing. I started to post covers on YouTube during my SEE break. With everyone’s love and appreciation for my covers, I got inspired to make music of my own, and that’s how I got started with my originals.

Tell us about your first original ‘Adhuro’ 

Talking about ‘Adhuro’ reminds me of the intial lockdown days when I was playing my guitar and came up with a melody. Then, I wrote the lyrics and posted a raw version of the song that I recorded on my phone. Everyone loved the song and it motivated me to create more.

Any story behind ‘Aau Timi’… 

‘Aau Timi’ is my first studio produced song. The whole process of making ‘Aau Timi’ has been a wonderful one and I truly rejoice working with Foeseal dai and Rupu Pupu on this one.

Are you planning to take music as a career? 

Yes, I am planning to make music my career professionally.

What is your favourite venue to perform? 

To be honest, I connect with the audience who attend the show. It’s the audience that matters more. If they are interactive during the show, the show goes well and honestly, I am least bothered by where the venue is.

Did you take any music classes? 

I took guitar and vocal classes as my ECA when I was in school.  

What’s next? 

Lately, I am working on my originals which I hope to release soon. Till then I’ll be doing shows inside and outside the valley.  

What does your current playlist look like? 

Pasoori – Ali Sethi x Shae Gill
K paye – SWAR
Glimpse of us – Joji
Yaad – Sushant KC
Carol of the bells – Lindsey Stirling

Your favourite instrument to play: Guitar 
Besides music: I love to play football.
Genres you’d love to try:  Hip Hop and RnB

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