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Paubha – A word that the many are unaware of is derived from the word Patabhatarak – Pata (cloth) and Bhatarak (gods/goddess), and carries immense significance historically and culturally. The concept of Paubha which is articulating the image of gods and goddesses and holy symbols on cloth which was converted by Tibetans into Thangka.

Often, people theorise Thangka as a simple representation of art on cloth and are ignorant of the traditional significance behind it. There are a plethora of proceedings that go into creating a Paubha like Hasta Puja while enunciates the image of the god/goddess, or that an artist is required to turn into Brahmachari to be able to depict the artifice of the deity.

Aayush, the photographer is intrigued by the components of “Paubha” and believes that its revival necessitates for this art form to be truly understood. “There is a need for the youth to connect and understand the legacy of this art form. Its existence depends on it,” he says.

This series is to duly show respect to the Paubha artists who bring the goddess to life embodying the philosophy of Tara.

Concept and Photography – Aayush Shrestha
Designer and Stylist – Sadhana Ranabhat
Makeup Artist – Sunii Magar
Hair Stylist – Brijesh Bhattachan
Model – Renuca Singh Thakuri
Jewellery – Aamo By Aayusha Shrestha
Videography – Cholen Gurung Bikas Thapa Bijay Gurung
Artist – Babu Lama Thokar
Content Writer – Shreya Shahi
Research – Lok Chitrakar
Location Partner – Enlightenment
Assisted By – Sagar Sherpa Biraj Magar Sujit Guidel Ashish Moktan
Special Thanks – Rajan Yonjon, Memoir Studio, Studio Meroworks, Sabik Maharjan
Sound – Shaswot Shrestha

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