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by Sweta Rajgarhia

Give permission to this dynamic fire sign to grieve. Grief is not the same for everyone; feel your anger, loneliness, guilt or sadness. Time will heal everything. 

Take every setback in good faith and be patient as life is full of ups and downs. The world will not end if one door closes in our life. Taurus is the Earth sign represented by the bull; so, has innate strength like its celestial animal spirit. 

This air sign, symbol of twins should spend time with family or any close friends with whom grief can be shared with. It will give you strength that someone is beside you and will provide you with a sense of inner comfort.  

Representing comfort, style and sentimentality, Cancerian sit down and make a list of what you need, including needs for tangible and emotional support. This could involve grocery shopping, or simply talking on the phone. 

While some people take time to be alone, look inward, or see a therapist to work through the complicated emotions of a breakup, others may suppress painful feelings and jump into another relationship. Instead, give yourself time to heal what’s been shattered and for the time being, avoid being in spotlight. 

Try a feel-good activity. Set aside time every day for doing something that feels positive, whether that’s meeting up with a close friend or watching a show that makes you laugh. Virgos are logical, practical and systematic in their approach. Go with the flow. 

Use exercise as a healthy outlet to manage feelings of anxiety, sadness, lethargy and stress. A daily walk, bike ride, or an online workout video could be a way to incorporate exercise into your daily routine. Balance, harmony and justice define Libra. 

Fall in love with your life and focus on what you want. Speak kindly to yourself and follow your heart. Trust the process and don’t badmouth your ex. Mysterious Scorpions are most likely to be misunderstood. 

Listen to your favourite music, watch the tv shows or movies you love. Explore, watch and enjoy different forms of entertainment. Keep yourself occupied. This fire sign knows no bounds. 

Invest in yourself and pick up hobbies or activities that make you happy. Join a Zumba, aerobics, yoga, dance or gym class. Eat healthy, cook or bake; indulge your taste buds. Capricorn are very sensitive and critical, but at this time, go easy on yourself. 

Write down your feelings, it is the most effective way to process your emotions. This sign is the most humanitarian astrological sign. Give time to yourself as to why the relationship did not work. Self-closure is the only type of closure worth seeking. 

Let the past go and forgive yourself. Channel your energy elsewhere. Have faith and know that everything happens for the good in the long run. Pieces are the most intuitive, sensitive and empathetic people.

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