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by Sukkum Chemjong Limbu

Nabinda Aryal
SSP, Cyber Bureau Nepal Police

Since the pandemic and within a span of three years, the tally of digital violence has risen especially among women and children. During the investigation, 70-80% of cases of cybercrimes have been reported relating to the vulnerable group. With the increase in the use of social networking sites like YouTube and Tik Tok, the digital platforms have become a breeding area of such incidents where women fall victim to social media exploitation and blackmailing. The growing popularity of such sites is, in fact, both a boon and a curse. Looking at the brighter side, the platforms have made our life more convenient and accessible to the wider world, nevertheless we must not ignore the calculative and dark side of the internet. Hence, one must develop control mechanisms while engaging in the hyper-connected world. There are different methods to lock your safety and authentication that as a user we must follow according to the terms and conditions. This keeps you on the safer side, while tightening cyber security.

Sabba Rani Maharjan
Secretary General, Athletes Commission of Sambo Union of Asia

Internet is a vast and unregulated space. Democratic platforms frequently come at the cost of being trolled and the anguish that comes with it. Women are just as vulnerable to cybercrime as they are to offline crimes. It’s critical to recognise online violence as an outward manifestation of offline gender discrimination and inequality. Discrimination, sexism, misogyny, messages threatening rape and murder, trolling or leaking private pictures and videos without consent are all rampant on the internet and it’s just getting worse.

Nepal being a patriarchal society, gender-based online abuse is prevalent and women are trolled more than men. Women are usually encouraged to take precautions, yet men are never questioned about their sexist attitudes and deplorable behaviour. Even intimate partner violence has taken on new dimensions as a result of technological advancements. Online predators operate anonymously and can prey on women and girls from anywhere in the world. Crime such as revenge porn, photo morphing and sextortion leaves women with the feeling of distress.

Gitanjali Karki
Beauty Educator & Makeup Artist

The internet has revolutionised technology and communication like never before. With a worldwide broadcasting capability, it has transformed the lives of billions of people, especially women. It’s a vital link to ideas, opportunities and resources. It also paves the way for women all over the world to imagine new possibilities and make them happen.

The internet has its own disadvantages too. From privacy data breach to gender-based hate speech to sexual harassment, women continue to face abuse online. There has to be a necessary system to ensure safety.
Social media platforms encourage us to share a ton of personal information, potentially exposing it to strangers or acquaintances who we wouldn’t normally share it with in real life.

An unfortunate number of women are becoming victims of cyber-crimes. The growing reach of the internet sometimes puts women at risk, so it’s important to be mindful of the dangers. Working together to generate new discussions and interventions can help make the internet a more inclusive and welcoming space. Freedom is necessary and so is protection.

Joseph Sebastian
COO, Chhaya Devi Complex

If you ask me, whether man or a woman, none are safe on the internet. The world is no more the “information seeking” world that it was earlier. All the information is at our fingertips. Despite its advantages, the internet is unsafe for women. From privacy data breach to gender-based hate speech to sexual harassment, body shaming to cyberbullying and sexiest comments, women continue to face abuse online. Men too fall prey but not to the extent of women being victimised.

Like the real world, the internet can be an ugly place for women. An unfortunate number of women are becoming victims of cybercrimes. The growing reach of the internet sometimes puts women at risk. Freedom is necessary and so is protection. Women should keep in mind that they are being exposed to the World Wide Web and being too naïve can get them into a lot of trouble. Hence whether it’s a man or a woman, being careful on the internet is what I would advise.

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