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by Sweta Rajgarhia

Keep the past in the past. Stay in the moment and focus on time with family and friends. Relax and tell your lover how much you love them. The stars are favourable for you both to be together.
Romantic date: 16

Take life easy. Start looking at actions more than words. Planet Mars indicates mutual intimacy is required, so you may think of ways to build that up. Commitment and communication are of utmost importance. 
Romantic date: 9

Work through your disagreements and trust each other. The stars are favourable to strengthen the bonding between the couple. Maintain a meaningful emotional connect and commit to spend some quality time together.
Romantic date: 28

Venus indicates lack of time being spent together. There might be low overall relationship satisfaction along with low sexual satisfaction. Breakup can happen and is seen in the cards due to personality differences so compromise if you want this to work. 
Romantic date:10

Keep your relationship alive by making sure that your partner feels desired by you. Cherish the little moments spent together and remind your partner that you are attracted to them and want to feel close and connected.
Romantic date: 3

Be open to new exciting and romantic experiences. Make your partner a priority and take time to let your boyfriend or husband know how special he is to you. Respect yourself and your lover. Be confident of your body and enjoy your sex life. 
Romantic date: 2

Practice gratitude. The stars are favourable to go out on date nights. Try a new restaurant or arrange a romantic candle light dinner. Flirt with your partner and approach sex with a relaxed and non-judgemental attitude. 
Romantic date:14

Support your partner if they are going through a rough phase. More specifically, men don’t open up as easily as women do. Don’t over-think and worry too much, and don’t discuss your personal life with other people as it is likely to come back and hurt your relationship.
Romantic date: 26

You have a tendency to avoid talking to each other when you are angry.  Be honest with each other and spend more quality time together on regular basis. Secrets and lies weaken the foundation of any relationship. Strong relationships require commitment and hard work.
Romantic date: 3

Plan a holiday together with family and ensure weekly family get-togethers on a regular basis. You are hooked on romance, but sometimes you have got to step out of your comfort zone and explore the world from the other person’s lens. However, avoid loss of control and isolation.
Romantic date: 22

Planets say that there are certain qualities a couple looks for in each other: compatibility, attraction, affection, kindness and confidence; keep these in mind. Sharing values and having a strong connection is important to you but it may not be for him. Find little ways of meeting each other inbetween.
Romantic date: 18

Stars say that you need to notice the little things that your lover does and compliment him. He can be touchy at this time due to various reasons, brag about him, boost his self-esteem, occasionally initiate sex and stand up for him always. This will help strengthen your bond.
Romantic date: 5

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