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(20 March – 19 April)

Challenging aspects surround you this month concerning your personal goals and your loved ones. Frustration could be part of the picture and a reorientation could be on the cards. Make sure you are not blowing things out of proportion. Any obstacle can be worked out provided you keep your balance and show some understanding.

(19 April – 20 May)

Good news concerning joint resources and investments will be reaching you in spite of some frustrations in the past. A lesson could be learnt from this in a subtle way.

Your higher ideals are at the forefront this month bringing some conflict. You will have to find flexibility within yourself and remain alert to a very important learning experience connected to your work life. Keep lines of communication wide open.

(21 May– 21 June)

Your shared sources of income are very much in the spotlight this month, and you could be voicing your worries in reference to your future in this area. If you listen, a mate or partner could have interesting inputs on this matter that could resolve things. Keeping an open mind on money matters should be extremely helpful.

(21 June– 22 July)

There will be an increase in your personal income for some of you due to a raise or promotion. Your hard work will be recognised. A mate or partner could give unnecessary stress on this matter but it is only lack of security on their part. You will however need to adjust your home life with personal career opportunities.

(22 July – 22 August)

The desire to take a trip to a faraway place is dominating your thoughts. But remain centred on your work as there are important assignments that must be completed. Your sense of responsibility and timing is being questioned and must be addressed on priority.

Communication with partner or mate could become strained but try to refrain from saying too much at the wrong time. Misunderstandings could occur, so speak with clarity and intention

(22 August– 22 September)

The spotlight this period is on reflection and growth. Stay attuned to things you wish to accomplish but also keep in mind you existing commitments. One cannot suffer at the cost of the other as this would create disharmony at work and at home. A wonderful opportunity for personal financial gain could be at your doorstep.

(22 September– 23 October)

Home affairs seem to be at the forefront this month. Repairs, refurnishing, buying new things for the house is on the cards; open communication between family members to ensure everyone has some say will help create harmony instead of disruption and agitation.

An opportunity for a good source of speculation could be presented to you and the desire for quick action could be present. Reorientation on this area is advisable before jumping into anything.

(23 October– 22 November)

Circumstances connected to a money matter will appear when least expected. Try not to look at the situation with rose coloured glasses as it could lead you down the wrong path. If something doesn’t feel right, listen to your gut however small the issue may appear.

On the home front, there is much to celebrate and enjoy as there could be a new addition to the family: the birth of a child or a wedding.

(22 November–21 December)

A short trip to a faraway place for leisure is highlighted as you begin the year. Be careful while allocating funds for travel right now as there will also be other opportunities that will get you good returns on small investments. This time promises to be fulfilling in many ways both home and career front.

You will also likely be drawn to spiritual growth and volunteering in this period, all of which will bring you inner happiness and fulfilment.

(21 December – 19 January)

Your personality is very much in the forefront this month. You will be judged by your peers on what you decide to project so be careful about what you are presenting. You are known to always put your best foot forward and this could increase you income potential in surprising ways.

Avoid unnecessary friction and take ‘me’ time to enjoy the little things you do. Ensure self-love is a priority.

(18 February – 20 March)

A realistic approach in the matter of personal and shared resources should be taken and negotiated to everyone’s best interest and satisfaction. Your sense of duty and responsibility should come to the forefront in this matter. Your work area could be a reason of preoccupation but open communication will yield favorable results.

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