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(21 March – 20 April)

Plenty of raw energy is available this month but it will be up to you to refine it and define how it affects you and those around you. Your philosophical outlook in life is changing in a much more effective and beneficial way for you. You are also going through a period of learning experiences that are coming to you at a very fast pace.

(20 April – 21 May)

Your areas of shared and outside sources of income are in the spotlight this month. Fortunate circumstances seem to be surrounding this sector of your life and some gains could come for you and your partner. Your work area seems to be intensifying with unexpected work falling into your lap. Approaching this as a good experience could be very enriching to you in the long run. Your life continues to have an up-beat mode in spite of apparent setbacks. These setbacks are only for the better and they could work out in your favour.

(21 May– 21 June)

Your marriage and partnership area is in focus this month. There could be some gains in your mutual relationship. Quick learning will be necessary in areas of investments and speculation in order to reap some profits but watch out for obstacles. There could be worries and concerns bothering you in regard to your shared resources of income as your sense of responsibility seem to be enhancing right now. Your sense of optimism could be very helpful in balancing these feelings.

(21 June– 23 July)

The next several months will involve personal inventory taking to decide which beliefs and patterns are ‘keepers’ and which are not. Don’t hesitate to dream, but ‘a day at a time’ is what you need to focus upon. Your houses of romance and relationship are highlighted this month. There is some uncertainty or confusion that needs to be sorted out. Is someone not being straightforward about their needs or acting ‘needy?’ There is passion there, but let it be used for blissful experiences rather than ‘crabbiness.’

(23 July – 23 August)

Some Leos might be able to meet someone special at a social setting this time period. This could be an individual that will come into your life in a very rapid fashion and could be a fast talker and communicator. Many differences could surface that could bring some tension but talking things out could smooth the way. Preoccupation concerning your work area could surface as you could be reliving some unpleasant past experiences but this time the table could be turning in your favour, so be optimistic.

(23 August– 23 September)

Your home life is very much in the spotlight this month. Enjoy friends and family. Unexpected developments connected to a friend through the area of work will be teaching you a thing or two, but good fortune should come from this experience and extra personal income. A very rosy opportunity of an investment nature could come your way.

(23 September– 22 October)

This will be a month for you to have communication and many exchanges of ideas related to your future gains of monetary value and future endeavours. You could be having a conservative approach and be on guard regarding changes especially when they are presented to you in a very grandiose manner, but some reorientation on your part will be necessary to enjoy the benefits in store.

(22 October– 21 November

Luck will be with you on a matter concerning expenditure for your home. You could have been having some disagreement concerning this but everything will work out in a harmonious way. There are some worries concerning your mate or partner due to some rigidity on your part; dreaming a little will not hurt you, so try to weigh practicality with a little of this dreaming.

(21 November–21 December)

Happy Birthday to the visionary, fun loving Sagittarius! Jupiter, the ruler of your Sun, is now arriving at the midpoint of your house of friends. This is your time to mix and mingle and inspire others with your ‘big picture’ view of life. Work opportunities will abound but keep your head on your shoulders and refrain from getting carried away from your big focus. Hard work and learning will be beneficial in every way.

(21 December – 19 January)

The spotlight for you this month surrounds your private life. Some of you could have your dream come true in regard to having children. You will have to make many adjustments in a very quick manner concerning this area. Many worries and concerns may bother you but this will be unfounded and will pass. Many of you will also be take the initiative to let go of your past, do this gently knowing that a much better future awaits you.

(19 January – 19 February)

New talents and interests are beginning to percolate to be revealed in their fullness over time. Health and healing as well as job and life direction is highlighted this month. You might have to open your home this month to a friend that could be the cause of some adjustments. Doubts and insecurities could be bothering you but an older person could be of help to you in sorting things out.

(19 February – 21 March)

This month is all about career and life goals. Your decisions now could bring you future gains. Work out any difference of opinions you may have with a friend, colleague or loved one. Open communication should clarify all your worries and concerns. Spend time on self care and introspection.

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