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Some treatments for common ailments don’t always require a trip to the pharmacy. Knowing a few home remedies is a good way to take control of your health. For occasional minor health complaints, these simple remedies can provide quick relief, naturally.

Green Tea for arthritis: Herbal teas have been used for treating various ailments for thousands of years, especially green tea. Strong anti-inflammatory antioxidants are found in green tea which helps to boost the immune system as well as relieve arthritis pain. The best way to have your green tea relieve arthritis pain is to let your tea steep in hot water for at least 3 to 5 minutes. Avoid sugar in your tea as inflammation is the result of high-sugar diets. You can also add a lemon to your tea.

Honey for wound healing: In addition to its nutritional purpose, honey has been proven to have a variety of medical uses. Honey is packed with a bioactive ingredient that helps in wound healing as well as burns. You can apply a dressing to the skin after adding the honey to the dressing. This lessens the mess that honey causes when applied straight to the skin. Only in case of infections, honey should be poured into any deep wounds before putting on a dressing,

Flaxseed for constipation: Flaxseeds are said to be the popular ingredient to lower constipation symptoms. Flaxseed is high in fiber and Omega-3 fatty acids. Flaxseed is effective in speeding up intestinal movement which results in an increased frequency of bowel movements. To relieve constipation, you’ll need to consume 1-4 tablespoons of ground flaxseed per day. You can either soak it in water and drink it or have it with yogurt or smoothies.

Oatmeal for itchy skin and bug bites: The best way to reduce itchy and irritated skin is to take an oatmeal bath. Oatmeal has active ingredients that can relieve dry skin, chicken pox, allergies, and insect bites. You can get your oatmeal, the one you eat for breakfast, and use the blender to grind it into a fine powder. For taking a bath, make sure the water is lukewarm. Sprinkle a cup of oatmeal into the tub and soak for 10 to 15 minutes.
Sugar for hiccups: Hiccups are the worst. They are annoying and appear at the most inconvenient times. A study found that 19 out of 20 patients experienced relief from hiccups after taking a spoonful of sugar. The sugar affects the vagus nerve which connects the brain and the stomach. Sugar makes the back of the throat itch and prevents diaphragm spasms which stops hiccups from occurring.  

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