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Life is too brief not to engage in activities that bring you joy. It’s important to have a hobby. A hobby is an activity that you enjoy, and it has the potential to give you pleasure, satisfaction and fulfillment in your life — regardless of whether or not you actually make money doing it. Everyone needs to have a hobby. Whether it is by spending time with family and friends or doing something you love, it’s important to have a hobby even if it is just for yourself. Here’s why it is important to have a hobby:

When we are overworked and under-appreciated, hobbies are an escape. Having a hobby allows you to de-stress. You can play tennis, watch TV or read a book or just simply walk around in your neighbourhood and feel the distance between life’s challenges. A hobby allows you to de-stress and recharge your batteries.

A hobby can be your chance to connect with others. Loneliness isn’t a fun feeling. It can ruin your mood and make it harder to focus on positive things, so having a hobby can be an effective way to combat that. Find a hobby that you enjoy and do it regularly, at least once a week. Even if it isn’t as active as other hobbies, it can still provide some social connection.

Whether it’s reading, writing or playing a musical instrument, hobbies are a great way to express yourself and enjoy the company of others. Having hobbies goes beyond just passion. When you are good at something it automatically boosts your confidence.

A hobby gives you the opportunity to discover new things and expand your knowledge, which can help contribute towards improving your career in some way. Whether you are looking to gain more knowledge or simply improve your skills, hobbies can be a wonderful way to accomplish that. Hobbies allow us to engage with our surroundings, learn new things and generally make the best use of our time.

Quality of life
Hobby is something that enriches your life, either by helping you manage time or providing a different perspective on things. It’s safe to say that if you have nothing else, hobbies can help fill the void and give you an idea of who you are outside of work and school.

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