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‘Halkara’ nominated for the Oscars

by wowmagazine

Kathmandu: Nepal is making headlines in the world of cinema as it proudly nominates “Halkara” for the upcoming 96th edition of the Academy Awards, more popularly known as the Oscars, scheduled to take place on March 10, 2024.

Nepal’s International Film Selection Committee led by Raju KC, meticulously scrutinized numerous entries to find the perfect representation for the country on the global stage. The decision to submit “Halkara” as Nepal’s official entry for the Oscars was a result of an extensive evaluation process that considered various factors, including technical prowess, plot intricacy, presentation, and character development.

“Halkara” shows the current foreign employment scenario in Nepal through the eyes of a humble postman, offering viewers a unique and poignant cinematic experience. In an open call for submissions, the committee received a total of five exceptional films, each a testament to the growing prowess of Nepali cinema. These films, namely “Dakini,” “Bulaki,” “Bagan,” and “Neerphool,” demonstrated the diversity and creativity of Nepali filmmakers. However, it was “Halkara” that ultimately stood out as the most fitting contender for the coveted international feature category at the Academy Awards.

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