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Goreto by Satish Ghalan to be released in July

by wowmagazine

Goreto is a debut studio album by Satish Ghalan and produced by Nikesh Karki. Goreto is set to be released this July which consists of eight songs, each written and composed by Satish himself. Nikesh Karki, known for his music production also adds his creative touch to the album by providing his exceptional piano works. The album also features talented guitarists Biniv Shakya and Sokhin Singh.

untitled.np was born with the hunger of passionate artists wanting  to create art and put fellow underrated artists of Nepal on the map.  The vibrant music scene of Nepal has individual artists scattered,  with only a select few getting the opportunity to shine and share  their art with the world. By creating a favourable environment for  artists with required resources, and direction, we have been able  to introduce an alternative pop among the audience of Nepal. We  blend the sound of our nation through our artists, and echo them  across the globe, with visual series that capture the essence of our  rich biodiversity, people and culture. Our digital footprint stands as  a testament to our vision- with growing recognition, admiration, and  respect for the company and its work over the span of last 3 years.  untitled.np understands that a stage needs a culture and  community that caters to all, with our specialisation in crafting  homegrown artists that take their music not only to every nook of  the nation, and but also push boundaries beyond Nepal. 

The album explores various genres like pop, and alternative rock. It also incorporates Nepali folk influences. Goreto is a milestone for Satish, marking his entrance into the music industry as a promising artist.

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