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Fitness is different for every generation. Gen Z-ers are young and vibrant and they want their choices to matter. Not only are they passionate about the things they do, they want to empower others with their actions and choices. The Gen Z generation is selective about the activities they adopt and the goals they pursue. Every choice is a lifestyle choice, and they strive to internalise what they choose to pursue to become an inextricable part of their lives. So, it is with fitness. Here are what some Gen Z-ers doing:

National Golf Player
Age: 23 Years

Raised by a single mother, from a young age Kashmira had started helping her mother with their restaurant business. Her passion for sports takes her back to childhood, “I was a sports lover, and always dreamt of becoming an athlete.”. The free junior camp held every Saturday by the Nepal Golf Association led her towards a sport career. It was recommended by her mother’s friend who works as a golf club gardener at the Royal Nepal Golf Club. The journey came equipped with its challenges but today, Kashmira is a member of the association and a national player.

Why sports and fitness?

Sports are extremely important to our lives because they keep us busy and healthy. While talking about fitness, yoga is must; it helps to enhance your focus and keep you healthy and flexible. Playing a sport is undoubtedly the finest activity for enhancing fitness and health. Golf engages the function of both body and mind, and to play the sport, one has to be flexible and fit.

Average time spent on golf practice?

To play golf we need four to five hours to complete 18 holes while playing in group but if you are playing alone it takes around three hours to complete 18 holes. People come to the golf course for relaxation as it’s a leisure sport. While practicing I give five hours everyday to improve my skills.

What does it take to create a champion mindset?

The most crucial thing to learn in golf is focus. There are many potential distractions at golf events, including negative thoughts and unproductive emotions. Without doubt, concentrating on your feelings will hinder your golf game. So, to create a champion mindset, focus and confidence play a vital role. If you learn to gently shift your focus to what you need to do in the present moment, you see improved and consistent results.

13th South Asian games: Bronze Medalist in 2019
8th National Game: Silver Medalist in 2019
All Nepal Junior and Women’s Open Golf Tournament: Winner in 2019
Olympic Day 2017 and 2018: Gold Medalist
National Golf Championship: Second
Indian Ambassador Golf Championship: Winner
Gokarna Women’s Open 2022: Winner

Yoga Teacher

Age: 24 Years

Why yoga?

I feel yoga is very wholesome. You have strength, flexibility and mobility all under one roof. It is a very mindful practice. Yoga is so much more than asanas. It is a lifestyle, a practice where you inculcate the eight limbs of yogic practices. In modern day yoga, you could use the yamas and niyamas in so many aspects of your life. For instance:

Ahimsa (non violence): Practice yoga but stay mindful about not causing yourself pain trying to force yourself into asanas that may not cater to your needs. Staying mindful of your actions that may cause hurt or pain to yourself or someone else.

Aparigraha (non-hoarding): More than not coveting or wanting what isn’t ours; it also means not accumulating or hoarding things. This means not accumulating any unnecessary possessions outwardly or inwardly.

There is a reason why we hear a lot of people choosing yoga now. It brings calmness and stillness to the mind especially in this fast-paced world.

Average time spent per day practicing yoga?

Some days I just teach a few classes and that’s it. But some days I actually need a lot more and that’s when I get my yoga mat rolled out just for me and move till I workout everything emotionally, mentally and spiritually which could be 20 minutes to even an hour and a half. Depends on how I feel the day and how I want my yoga practice to be while I focus on what needs to be addressed.

For beginners, I would suggest taking a class as it helps you learn and also a group environment makes it fun.

What does it take to create a champion mindset?

I believe, motivation comes and goes but discipline is what keeps you going irrespective of how you feel or whatever is going on. It becomes something you just do. For example, brushing your teeth, showering, eating, etc. Just showing up and then taking it from there makes it easier than waiting for the motivation to come.

When you look for motivation, something as simple as a rainy day can throw you off your game but if you have the discipline, you know you have to show up and I think that is what makes you brilliant at any skillset you own. I’d also like to remind you that the basics still work. You do not have to try everything that is trending. Every time you struggle with something, go back to the basics. My teacher told me this and it works every time and with everything.

Athletic and sports fitness never interested Zahyan until the age of 21. That is when her yoga journey begun. “I started to enjoy the way the body could move. Muscles and joints fascinated me. Mobility routines started becoming a part of my workouts and the rest is history,” recalls Zahyan.

Martial Artist

Age: 14 years

Prapti Batas’s Muay Thai journey started in 2019, a few months after the Covid outbreak. “I did a few classes and really enjoyed it,” recalls Prapti who has since had three fights in Nepal and six in Malaysia for the IFMA event, making her fight record of seven wins and two losses.

Why sports and fitness?

Sports and fitness was always very important for me. When I joined Muay Thai it helped me to stay more active throughout the lockdown when I had nothing to do. It brought discipline into my life in a way that no other sport could.

Average time spent on training per day?

I spend an average of four hours a day training when I have school and about seven hours when I don’t. My schedule consists of a 5km run, 20 minutes skipping, 10 minutes shadow boxing, 9 minutes on the ladder, 20 minutes bag work, and either sparring or pad work. I have recovery days on Friday when my training is lighter.

What does it takes to create a champion mindset?

To create a championship mindset you need hard work, discipline and consistency. To be a champion you need to be able to switch up your mindset and control your emotions. My coach always says “understand that as soon as you step in the ring, no one but you can decide how the fight goes.” Even after every win or loss you consistently try to improve your performance.

MMA Fighter
17 Years

Yugeen Sharma is a mixed martial artist and a young fighter wanting to represent Nepal and be recognised for her abilities in mixed martial arts internationally.  She is the winner of first amateur MMA international tournament of Nepal winning against her opponent from India.

Why sports and fitness?

I wanted to be strong and capable of protecting myself and my loved ones which led me to combat sports. The thrill of learning new techniques and being able to execute them on my opponent drove me to be consistent. Sport helps me to stay healthy. A well-functioning body and happy gut helped me with my eating disorder as well. I don’t let my emotions control me which helps me to think logically. I don’t panic and rush things like before and I have learnt to calm myself and think of solutions. Now, I don’t hesitate to approach people and have conversations without being anxious. I am growing physically, mentally and emotionally where sports and fitness play an important part. 

Average time spent per day?

On normal days, I train for about two hours whereas I train for about four-five hours a day if I am getting ready for a fight. 

What does it take to create a champion mindset?

The first and foremost thing to create a champion mindset is belief and skills. For me, celebrating small victories in my training, pushing myself more when I want to stop, and being consistent knowing that this is what I have to do are the major factors that really help create a champion mindset.

Martial Artist
23 Years

Koshish Shrestha is the national Muay Thai champion, national kick boxing champion, national boxing champion and holds the title to many other championship wins. A fiery opponent and passionate sportsman, he has dedicated himself exclusively to martial arts and representing the country on national and international platforms.

Why sports and fitness?

I have been influenced by sports ever since I was a kid. I have always been an outdoor person who likes to stay active. Competitive sports excite and energise me. Fitness is a goal and I like the confidence boost I get after a good session at the gym. Fitness trainings in endurance, strength and cardio help me with my sport performance. 

Average time spent per day?

On a normal day if I am not preparing for a fight, I train about three to four hours but if I am preparing for a fight, I train between five to eight hours a day. 

What does it take to create a champion mindset?

Hard and smart work, confidence, and skills create a champion mindset.

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