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WOW curated an exclusive luncheon to celebrate the woman of impeccable style with a specially curated preview of Ganapati Jewellers signature line. Gold and diamonds ruled the day with the select group of guests trying on jewellery amidst cocktails and fine dining.

A WOW experiential event for Ganapati Jewellers, the selected women were pampered and photographed in an afternoon that celebrated a woman’s individuality, beauty and strength.

The new generation leadership of Ganapati Jewellers, Siddhant Begani shared insight into the beautiful craftsmanship and journey of Ganapati Jewellers, a company that has made jewellery a celebrated art.


The Director of Ganapati Jewellers, Siddhant Begani is taking on the leadership of the very renowned jewellery business established by his family. Siddhant has a bacholer’s degree from the University of Southern California and has worked with Ernst and Young, NY. He has accomplished the GIA Graduate Diamonds Program. Siddhant is also an avid marketeer who beleives that a successful business is built on passion, integrity, creativity and knowledge.


Shaguni Singh Sakya
Faija Parween
Gita Gurung
Sareeta Shree Gyawali
Tenzing Lama
Vedika Rana
Shreya Giri Golchha
Evana Manandhar
Mannsi Agrawal
Pranu Singh
Srijana Josse

We are seeing more and more brides opt for chokers rather than long neck pieces. Nepal has traditionally been a market for Ranihaars. However, this year, younger and more contemporary brides are opting for antique and diamond chokers. Chokers add flair to the neck and are immediately eye catching.

The Colour
This year seems to be the year of blue. Brides are opting for diamond necklaces with blue sapphires or antique jewellery with blue meena work. This gives the bride a more contemporary and edgy look that match her inner fire.

The Accent
A pure diamond set is a classic on all bride’s wish list. Since traditional gold jewellery already has a lot of ruby and emerald works, brides are opting for the sparkle of pure diamond sets.

The Motif
Meena work is in for antique jewellery. People want less stones but more intricate meena work in beautiful patterns.

Temple jewellery is in high demand reflecting a touch of auspicious blessings in what women wear. Diamonds are preferred in sleek designs that are modern and feminine all at once.

The Cut
Diamonds are still preferred in round cuts. People gravitate towards sharper designs in which the diamonds stand out. In antique work, the intricacy in craftsmanship is seen as a preference.

Trousseau shopping has become big with brides and their families finalising the jewellery way ahead of the wedding. Most brides now have a definite idea of what their jewellery should be. Solitaire engagement rings are in huge demand.

Contact Information
Phone: 5321565 /5321492
WhatsApp – Viber – Mobile: 9851030151
Location: Ganapati Jewellers, Bishal Bazar Garden
Near Jan Sewa Police Station, Bishal Bazar, New Road
Facebook: Ganapati Jewellers Nepal Pvt. Ltd.
Instagram: Ganapati Jewellers
Tiktok: ganapatijewellersnepal

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