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Ishani Shrestha, Miss Nepal World 2013, is also the Managing Director of Ratna Group, USA and Founder of Project Smile Nepal. She recently tied the knot with Tarun Pratap Shah, Managing Director of DV Education Network & DV Hospitality. The wedding was a ten-day celebration with eight receptions, an amalgamation of the Newar and Terai cultures. In a month that celebrates love, this beautiful couple shares their journey of romance.

How did you first meet?

Ishani: We met through mutual friends at a birthday party and became friends. We decided to date and get to know each other better. 
Tarun: At my dear friend Himanshu’s home. It was his daughter’s first birthday. Spotted Ishani arriving with our mutual friends. Then, I was introduced to her. We clicked from the very beginning. 

The most memorable date you’ve had…

Ishani: Probably on my birthday. It was during the lockdown but he went through so many hassles to find me a cake and balloons. It was adorable and made me feel so special.
Tarun: Ishani’s birthday during the lockdown is definitely one of the best. But for the most memorable, I think it’s our first heli trip together in April to Gosaikunda lake and temple followed by breakfast in Langtang. It was amazing. We left Kathmandu around 6:45 in the morning and landed back around 11. 

What do you most admire about each other?

Ishani: His energy, intellect, determination and a golden heart. He is also incredibly funny and super handsome. 
Tarun: Her intellect, maturity, caring nature, family values, patience, and always pushing me to achieve my best besides being an amazing chef.

When did you decide to get married?

Ishani: Marriage was always in the plan but I never thought it would happen so quickly. We dated for almost a year but within two months of dating we knew we wanted to marry each other. We then shared it with our families and they were happy and excited for us.
Tarun: I was looking to settle down but I too didn’t expect everything between Ishani and me to happen at this pace. I figured she’s ‘the one’ around April right before the second lockdown. It was a crazy feeling. 

What was the best wedding gift you received?

Ishani: For me, the whole wedding was a wonderful present. Our families put in a lot of time and effort for us and we are extremely grateful to that. 
Tarun: The strength, love and support from our families and the presence of our near and dear ones for all the many functions. 

How would you describe your wedding?

Ishani: It was a ten-day celebration with eight receptions. I wanted a small intimate celebration but my parents were so excited to give me the best wedding that I happily agreed. It was a mix of Newar and Terai cultures which made it unique and fun. 
Tarun: It was a mix of both our cultures. We realised there weren’t many overlapping functions besides the main wedding day, hence both families decided to have all the modern day and traditional functions so we all could have fun and create a memorable wedding for all. 

What was the most difficult detail of your wedding to agree upon?

Ishani: The difficult part for me was to balance the different cultures and traditions. Both of the families came together for this and made it easier to overcome. 
Tarun: I think it was the Gala and Sangeet night held on December 6 at Aloft. Few people suggested it would all get too tiring since we had many functions already prior to that and also after that. We had a function at my family home the next day, then the wedding on 8th at Ishani’s after which was the final reception on 10th, and other events. The mood was more for a small intimate lunch scene, however we all agreed for the Gala and decided to do it. It was a great party.

Most exciting: the wedding day, the night, or the honeymoon?

Ishani: All of it! This year will be a year of travels (if Covid doesn’t prevent it) so I am excited to be honeymooning all year round. 
Tarun: All of it, but mainly post wedding life.  

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