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Blessie Gadon Dhakal is a Filipino Nepali entrepreneur and woman leader. She is the International and Asia Pacific Coordinator of the International Association of First Ladies for Peace. She is also the Founding President of Nepalese Filipino Association where she was President for the term 2017 to 2019, and the current Chair of WFWP-Nepal. Married to a Nepali politician and the mother of six beautiful girls, Blessie is known for her warmth and hospitality among friends. She speaks Nepali to almost perfection and especially interested in serving the community. In this edition of WOW, she shares with us what makes her life beautiful.

What makes a person beautiful
A person is beautiful when s/he lives for the sake of others, and reflects a heart of love for them.
What makes you beautiful
I feel beautiful when I bring love and joy to my husband, children and to the greater community.
What makes life beautiful
Life becomes beautiful when we fill our hearts with gratitude for all of our blessings and when we appreciate and honour our loved ones including all of creation.
What tickles your funny bones
Being silly with my husband and children. We have a lot of fun filming funny family videos and that tickles my funny bone.
What makes you smile
Seeing my family and friends happy and fulfilled makes me smile.
Favourite comedian
Lucille Ball is my favourite comedian because I can see myself in her.
Therapy for happiness
Beauty, truth, and goodness are the best therapy for happiness.
Current perfume
Chanel no.5
You are addicted to
Work and Korean dramas. I find the romance and story more meaningful and virtuous than most other dramas available today.
On your wish list
I would like to see a worldwide community of first ladies, women and men working together for World Peace especially in the area of strengthening marriage and families in their nations.
You stay fit by
I stay fit by doing yoga and meditation on a daily basis
Best year of your life
1998 when I was blessed in marriage to my beloved husband
Latest splurge
Visiting Paris with our daughter where she is attending university.
Korean cosmetics, La Roche-Posay, Mac and The Body Shop
Style Icons
Catherine, Princess of Wales; Audrey Hepburn and First Lady, Jacqueline Kennedy
Always in your handbag
Lipstick, wet wipes, credit card, mint and business card
What do you do to unwind
Pampering myself by going to the spa and sauna
Favourite holiday destination
The Republic of Palau
You always struggle with
Communicating with our children
Best thing about being you
Friendly and easy going
Three things you absolutely do to look your best
Hair, eyebrows and eyelashes
On a bad hair day
Put my hair in a bun
One tip you learnt that makes you photo ready
Proper angle and pose
Books or movies
Guilty pleasure
Favourite place to eat in Kathmandu
The Nook Restaurant in Aloft, Thamel
One thing you can’t do without
My mobile phone. I have the world in my hand with it.
Celebrity crush
Sylvester Stallone
Movies that inspire you
Miracles from Heaven
Favorite cuisine
Chinese, Filipino, Korean and Nepalese cuisine
A quote you live by
True love is a love by which we continuously live for others investing in others and forgetting that we have done so.

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