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by wowmagazine

For a woman to be deemed successful, she must have it all – career, relationship, finance, status, fame, looks and the list goes on. She needs to work twice as hard as most men to prove her worth. She needs to find work-life balance that she cannot afford to slip up on. Have an instagram worthy life filled with all things beautiful. And for her to ‘have it it all’, she must be able to ‘do it all’ with seamless effort.

But perhaps now is the time that women sit back and reflect whether having it all is really what satisfies them or is it something that burns them out. Instead perhaps they should focus on what truly matters to them.

And should a woman change this trajectory of her life path to having what really matters to her instead of having it all, remember it will not be an easy path. It will mean unlearning habits of being a super hero at work, with your spouse, kids and family, and in social life. It would mean having the ability to say no to things that we think we are supposed to say yes to.

It would mean understanding that work-life balance is an elusive goal. Instead it would mean to find balance in your being and in being present in the moment.

Think about it: wouldn’t we live our lives very differently if we remained aware about what is deeply important to us and what matters most. It must make you question whether your quest of having it all lured you away from having the life that you really wanted.

In times like this when world over people are caught in deep uncertainties and the years in our age roll by, our understanding of life and what matters grows acute.

So if you are still single, don’t earn a six figure salary, have decided to not have a child, don’t own a house or a fancy car, don’t have the zero figure or instagram worthy looks – don’t be harsh on yourself. And if you do have all of these and are still unhappy, look into your heart, retrospect and find what truly fulfills you.

Life’s short and its beautiful. Don’t waste it living other’s perception of worth. Own yourself to truly find the joy in living.

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