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All men fall in love differently and for different reasons, and the way they express themselves is also very individual. For some it starts with a spark and engulfs their entire personality while for others, it takes time to be certain that it is love. Many seek it but cannot find it and yet others are disillusioned by how love sometimes dies out.

Parakram SJB Rana
Digital Content Creator, Influencer

Falling in love in today’s time is scary to me if I can be honest. With experience and seeing others, love dies out unfortunately in a matter of a few years at most and either leads to heartbreak or dealing with many emotions. Do I want to go through such emotions when I would rather spend that energy on my ambitions in life? I believe not. I am at a phase in my life where I am career driven and nothing should stop me from working towards my goals. Working towards my goals and ambitions in life is what gives me satisfaction at the moment. I would much prefer sharing these bonds with my close friends and family which is more long-lasting and where I feel more secure.

Shashwot Khadka

I see love in the first stanza of every poetry, in the chorus of every song, and in the notes of every musical composition. Imagine the warmth when you lie under the sun on a cold morning, the feeling of admiration that comes when you stare at the full moon on a starry night and the goosebumps you get from that unexpected touch. Now imagine getting the warmth, the awe, and the goosebumps from a person. Having someone to take your mask off and to rest your shoulders upon, tired from the burden of life. Someone for whose smile you’d do things you wouldn’t normally do. The voice you could listen to all day like it was a piece of calming music. Their perception of the world and their action never fails to surprise you and almost everything they do makes you fall for them again and again. The thought of a life without them seems terrifying and what’s even scarier is that you might end up hurting them. Of course, you’ll need to make sacrifices and have to compromise sometimes to be with them but it only feels like opening an umbrella when it rains, a slight inconvenience to enjoy the beautiful blue sky that comes afterward.

Sugam Pokharel
Singer & Songwriter

I am full of colourful emotions when it comes to love. I believe in caring for the person in every possible way. I become passionate about the one and it helps in discovering my unexplored emotions.

Niranjan Kunwar
Writer, Educator & Author of Between Queens and the Cities

Falling in love, that’s a bit complicated to be me because I don’t just identify as a male. I identify as a queer man and I am single. So, it’s been a challenge for me in a way, and I actively think about non-confirming and question gender roles. This whole idea about falling in love too I think is different from what is portrayed in movies in Bollywood. So especially for gay men in Nepal, what does that look like, what does that mean, I think we are still exploring.  

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