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Samin Maharjan, a skincare aficionado who recently launched her venture Daily Derma believes firmly in hard work, and the ability to persevere despite failures and setbacks. Samin has been working in the field of skincare for the past seven years. WOW’s Anushka Shrestha caught up with the with the beauty enthusiast to know what makes her life beautiful.

Currently busy with…

My new venture, Daily Derma. It’s a skin clinic that provides expert skincare services 

What do you love about your work

I get the perks of maintaining my skin as I am always surrounded by amazing skin enthusiasts 

What makes a person beautiful

A good and kind heart makes a person beautiful  

What makes life beautiful

Friends and family

What tickles your funny bones

Funny Tiktok and Instagram content

What makes you smile

When you work hard for something and you get appreciated 

Favourite comedian

Ellen DeGeneres, the character ‘Gutthi’ from the Kapil Sharma Show. Besides, ‘Miriam Maisel’ from The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, etc 

Therapy for happiness

Being content and letting anger pass  

Current perfume

Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel, Clinique Happy and Light Blue by Dolce and Gabbana

You are addicted to


On your wish list

A nice house 

Best year of your life

2021 because Daily Derma was born 


Keeping the skin care regimen as simple as possible is the best thing to do. Listen to your skin and it will speak to you, then provide what it needs. Do not follow trends blindly. 


My powerful duo: phone and laptop

Style icons

Inspired by anyone who can rock a good outfit 

Always in you handbag

Phone, sanitiser, extra mask, spf, lipstick and perfume  

What do you do to unwind 

I just watch Netflix or YouTube. Else, I go to sleep 

Favourite holiday destination

I want to go to Annapurna Base Camp and then to Italy. Because “Pahila desh ani bidesh”  

You always struggle with

Keeping up with new news 

Best thing about being you

I can forgive and let it pass 

Makeup can’t do without

Mascara and eyebrow products 

Favourite makeup brands

My go to favourite lipstick is ‘Meher’ by MAC and foundation by NARS 

Three things you absolutely do to look your best

Cold shower, simple makeup, and a splash of my favourite perfume
One tip you learnt that makes you photo ready
Let your hair down, open your eyes, and smile

Books or movies

Movies always 

Guilty pleasure


Favourite place to eat in Kathmandu

Dokdo Sarang for Korean food, Nanglo for sizzler and Roadhouse Cafe for Caesar salad and pizza

One thing you can’t do without

Phone and sunscreen

What advice would you give to your younger self

To take it easy and live the younger days freely because when you are an adult you can’t

Celebrity crush

Katrina Kaif

Movies that inspire you

Little women

Favourite cuisine

Nepali, Thai

A quote you live by

“We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts, we make the world” – Buddha

Lockdown lesson

Have a reserve of your finances

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