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Darpan Niroula has incredible enthusiasm for music. He is based in Kathmandu and has been working with music for over 17 years as a performer, composer, arranger besides also teaching music. He works with various genres of music and is always keen to expand his repertoire and skills. To learn more about this artist’s musical journey, Anushka Shrestha from WOW catches up with him.

What got you into music?

Fortunately, being in a musical family, I was exposed to music early in life. I even had a toy guitar and piano in my childhood. My dad helped me reach where I am today. I have already been doing live music, songwriting and arranging for the past decade. Now I am planning to learn music production and expand my professional music portfolio. I also teach music.

Tell us about your association with Arbitrary.

Arbitrary has been my mentor and guardian from the day I got associated with them. My musical journey has been amazingly beautiful and I express my gratitude towards every member for grooming me.

How competitive is the Nepali music industry?

I don’t think music is a competitive subject because everyone has their own taste, own specialty and own genre to work with. The new generation of musicians are coming up with different skills, innovations and talents. All I want is authenticity in music. 

How does it feel to be appreciated for what you create?

It’s such an honour and moment of pride to be appreciated for what I create because the time, the dedication and the emotions in creating is so special and pure. Being appreciated encourages me to create better music.

What’s next?

I’m planning to release more original songs this year and also guitar tutorial videos for intermediate level.

Besides music… I work full time in the financial sector. 
One thing you can’t do without…Music
Favourite venue to perform… Mezze by Roadhouse 
All time favourite song… Heart of life by John Mayer

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